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    10 Best Meditation Apps for Anxiety

    10 best meditation apps for anxiety


    Today’s world is a complex one, and people are constantly struggling to get through their regular chores. There is a constant pressure at work, at school, and even at homes. This pressure has led to a lot of people running into depression, being nonchalant and has brought in anxiety mostly. People are looking for safe outlets, where they want to breathe, lead better lives, meditate and live a happy fulfilling life. For the same, a lot of people have turned to Yoga, some have moved to travelling, and more.

    There are some apps though those promise to bring in tranquility. All you need to do about it is, to initiate a download, and go about it. Meditation is known to awaken the kundalini, and help you lead a more spiritual and enlightened life. Your anxiety and depression will no longer exist, only if you learn to keep your meditation rules consistent. Even if you have trouble with sleeping, these apps help you to regularize your sleep schedule. Not only will your mental health improve, but also the physical health. Here is the list of must have meditation apps that will grant you complete happiness and peace:


    There is a complete guideline to deal with anxiety. With clear guidance as to what you should do to deal with it, there are sequenced classes arranged for you too. You will easily learn how to calm the nervous wrecked mind of yours. It has a very easy interface that makes it super simple to handle. There is a free trial for you, so that you can explore some features. There are short mediation courses for you to enjoy inner peace. There are even pro meditation courses with guided tours that make you focus on your wellbeing. The meditation durations vary, you could access the app especially when angry, and this calms you down in minutes. It is indeed a very cool app to use, for anxiety.



    You must know the basics of meditation if you are dealing with app. This gives you detailed open ended sessions. This has a lot of time bound sessions, which helps you relax out. But you must have sufficient time at hand if you are operating on this one. Calm gives you a huge section of meditation music too! A great sleep bringer, this one has amazing sleep stories for you to deal with insomnia. You could even stream the app offline.

    10% Happier

    Meditation experts give their training up on this app, and it makes you a window where you can even interact with them. An amazing app that helps you to achieve your happiness, this one enhances the quality of life that you are dealing with. There are brief videos that help you increase your mindfulness. There are even several exercises that are designed to help you with your breathing techniques, emotional challenges and more.

    Stop Breathe and Think

    This is the ultimate anxiety killer – it keeps inquiring if you are doing fine, and it helps you to understand the importance of listening to your own thoughts. You get messages from the app that instructs you to increase kindness, compassion and more. This app helps you strengthen your inner peace. Definitely a must try for the troubled souls.

    Smiling Mind

    This was created keeping teenagers in mind, which are divided into several age sections. The narrator welcomes the user, and the journey to manage emotions and feelings start thereafter. This app comes from an Australian NGO is absolutely free of cost.


    This app comes in a disc form, and there are several exercises that come along, and you can add or remove the sessions as you want. These sessions are kept short deliberately, so that they don’t bore you further. There are 6 different sessions for 30 minutes at least. There is also an available timer that times your mediation duration.

    The Mindfulness

    There are so many users who complaint that the mediation duration is either too long or too short. This one lets you decide how long you want to meditate, so you can set it as short as 3 minutes to as long as 30 minutes. You are in control of the timing, making it an interesting choice for those who want to be meditating. It has a regular program for 21 days that you must meditate regularly, without any gaps. You are asked to control your breathing, and it has an insight seeker that helps you concentrate on your breathing for at least 15 minutes a day. Anyone can benefit from the app, even though people belong to different meditation levels. The best part is that you even get reminders and statistics that guide you to tell you how much you have meditated. There are different courses available with premium ones too – and they teach you not only about spiritual wellbeing, but also physical wellbeing. They tutor the users to take a step ahead and even strengthen their physical strength and immune systems.

    Beyond Meditation Binaural Beats

    A trending technique in meditation and calming, Binaural Beats has become quite popular. This is going to be your personal guide into achieving spiritual enlightenment, and you can enjoy eternal peace after using this app. There are beautiful audios available with this app that completely reduce anxiety and help to gain inner peace and enlightenment.

    It makes meditation more fruitful with near realistic voices that guide you to spirituality. It is extremely helpful for those who are constantly suffering from insomnia, and the best part is that you needn’t have great technical knowledge to operate this one.

    Insight Timer Meditation App Review

    This is a very powerful activity, and it helps you with your mental health. Equipped with social connectivity, this one has a great way for you to socialise with likeminded people. For those who find meditation to be boring, this is the one app that makes it super interesting. The members can connect and bring about change in their mental health together. The usability of this app is also superior in many ways – making it absolutely a great interface to eliminate social anxiety.


    This one cheers you up instantly –the colourful environment makes it even kid friendly. Specific categories are even available that make you focus on your breath and meditate in peace.

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