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    5 Mobile App Marketing Tips To Increase Downloads

    5 Mobile App Marketing Tips To Increase Downloads


    So, finally you have your app launched and it’s live on the play store. You have spent nearly tons of money, time and energy to get that up on the play store.  But is it that you are not happy with the response or your app is not generating the desired downloads?
    Going by the stats, there were a total of 178.1 billion app download as of 2017 and it is expected that this number would rise to 252 billion by the end of 2022. Such huge numbers undoubtedly reveal the fact that the app industry is over flooded with apps and in such a scenario finding a place for your app is pretty difficult. Also, it has been noticed that half of the app downloads encounter usage only once or twice.
    So, only deploying an app is not enough, you need to incorporate strategies that help increase your app downloads;

    Key to Playstore Ranking- Name Of Your Name

    One of the best ways to narrow the search space and emerge out unique in the play store is to draft the name of your app strategically. It’s just the starting and you are about to occupy a place in the play store, so be wise while you choose the name of your app. The first and foremost thing to take care of is the presence of keywords that relate to the domain your app excels in. Blend keyword in the name of your app as natural as possible. Beating around the bush does no good other than spying off your app. Hence, when you are in the process of Ideating a name for your app, look out for four essentials. Relevance, simplicity, title availability and the visual experience of your app.

    Prioritize App Store Optimization

    One of the most effective ways to boost your app downloads and improve the visibility of your app across the play store is ASO or the app store optimization. This helps in optimizing the metadata as related to your app. The keywords, screenshot, title, and few others. Optimization helps in enhancing the visibility of the app and improve the chances of your app being discovered in the play store. Amplifying the discovery of an app leads to minting downloads. Though, an important factor when it comes to increasing app download, yet it is neglected by many. You can choose it to benefit your business and leverage app downloads.

    Enhancing Brand Awareness

    The path to app downloads does not end once an app is deployed. In fact, that’s half work done. You need to expand your business across the digital platform to be known. Online presence and visibility are largely important to flare your services to the audience. Being known online and then promoting your business is the first step towards spreading a word about your brand. You can kick start your app business by creating a landing page and then using the same to promote your app.

    There exists plentitude of websites that allow you to do so. To be on the safer side, you would prefer buying a domain name along with hosting space. This is an ideal way to boost your apps online visibility and likewise acceptance. In addition to this, blogging is another way to attract a huge user base. Indulge in the above activities to promote brand awareness.

    Research Keywords

    Keywords are the king of the online world. Which page gets displayed where, which app pops up the list, all are determined by keywords. All the efforts you put in App Store Optimization would go in vain if you do not focus on the keywords. Have a look at your competitors, see what they are doing and how do they use keywords. And remember, a keyword is not something that you do once in a while. It is an ongoing process. You need to see what keywords attract the market at one time and then use it to promote your brand.

    Abide by Users Review

    Another important strategy to leverage your app download is to stand by users review. Whenever, you deploy an app, a section namely the one that seeks user views pop up. And you can use it to benefit your app success. See to what are the comments, make changes as suggested and update the app time and again to be in the good books of all and see your app download increasing tremendously. You can also opt for in-app reviews to see what users think about your app.

    So, you see what are the tactics that lead to app promotion, build awareness and on whole leverage your app download. Always remember that just having an app is not sufficient, you need to enhance it’s visibility and boost downloads to monetize and earn from the same.

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