• 5 Most Creative Mobile App Marketing Strategies

    • Amy
    • Posted on 24th January 2019
    5 most creative mobile app marketing strategies
    App Marketing

    Any mobile marketer would want to win the race and reach to a position where the traditional famous app be not regarded of value, and instead his own app, that wasn’t that popular gain sudden popularity. It is quite a fight rising up to the level of glory and winning that position. The ultimate goal of any app developer, this mission isn’t close to impossible if one remembers to follow the recipe. There could be a thousand ways to go about the work or even a thousand strategies that you could use to climb to the top, but there remains only quite a handful verified techniques that you may use to get there.
    Understanding your goals very clearly is yet another important mileage that you must cross on your own. This is one competitive market where there are a thousand of applications that are designed regularly but are of completely different uses. To come in terms with the truth, most of the apps wash down nothingness and die an instant death. So many apps aren’t even recognized, making a complete waste of efforts, resources and hard work. Needless to say, it might be a huge failed investment. This would obviously be a matter of top concern, making developer doubtful about the existence of that particular app in the first place – was it worth creating the app then?
    There are more challenges to it – how long do people hold on to a particular app? How does one find a strong customer base? How far does one go with the marketing? The answer is since the customers need to be held on for a very long time, it is advisable to come up with creative marketing strategies that might decide the survival of the application. In lay man’s terms, it is to be of such design that it must trap the users and make them stay. For fulfilling these requirements, the app must be fully dynamic, fast, functional, user-friendly, and must take up the customer attention. Below listed are quite some strategies for those who want to go about creative mobile app marketing:

    Basic Backbone – Focus on Research

    The most important criteria that drive anything – this is the most relevant task of researching. Learn about the market that you are about to venture. Learn more about people psychology with regards to a particular app. Know your own goals clearly, and set the borders and the goals of your app correctly – is it supposed to be global? Or is it supposed to do something specific? Study the marketing trends very well, and learn the peaks and troughs of the graph. Find out about your competitors and their strategies to go about the marketing process. Find out the possibilities that you could have overtaking your competitors and reaching the end goal.

    Launch a Trial – Trials are Liked by Everyone

    Who doesn’t like a free trial? Everyone loves a free scoop of ice cream, or a free dress trial, or a free car ride. It is understood that a free version will make anyone happy, and so is the case for a mobile app. Releasing a beta is a wonderful idea since it makes the customer inclined to download a further version of the application, which is the game changer in reality. Once in the loop, it becomes impossible for the customers to let go of the app.

    Ask for Reviews

    Customers would love to fill you in with what they like, and it is only but natural that you will also get to know what additional features the customer would like to be added in the app. Between the developer and the customers, the gap stays bridged. Enroll up the app to popular reviewing sites, and you will hit two stones all at once – not only is your app getting publicity, but also are you collecting material for your research! So the next time you are thinking of designing part 2 of your app, you would know where to look at exactly. Let the bloggers talk about your app extensively and you would see the sales rise indefinitely. This would definitely have the much important impact that is needed to have on the users.

    Recognize the Specific KPIs and Focus on them Singularly

    The idea is never to deviate from the target. The idea of setting the right goals for the app makes it a wonderful idea to get the ball rolling. Remember to not set over the top goals – they need to be measurable and doable. Tiny leaps would make the app more successful, rather than plunging deep without knowing the depths. While you are marketing your app, the basic idea that would come up would be, there are more than quite a few issues that need to be handled. For the same, you have to be focussing coarsely on the KPIs. Stick to the function vehemently, and get through the phase of receiving viable and visible results.

    Be Present Yourself

    This might sound like a not important step, but then again, it is extremely important for you to be present on the face of the world wide web and advertise it yourself. Engaging your customers online with entertaining advertisements is a great strategy to get things going, as most people are triggered by visual aids. If you use your own personal following to turn them into loyal followers of your app, there is a victory that is inevitable. Nothing short of smart strategy, this could be the best way to get through.

    The last tip would be to measure your app’s performance. Perform monthly tests and keep a strict vigilance. Monitor levels of MAU and DAU, which will give you the values of monthly users for your application. Also, remember to monitor the ARPU which is the total revenue that is generated by your app. These will give you strict guidelines to perform on and will make your developer team more aware of the amount of work that needs to be done further.


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