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    5 Myths About App Store Optimization

    5 Myths About App Store Optimization That You Should Drop Immediately

    Mobile app industry is evolving with rapid speed, and it is no more a secret that every business needs to have a mobile app. Moreover,  it is the most efficient channel to reach millions of users, the mobile app industry is taking over the market. There are almost 3.6 million Android apps in the Google Play Store and more than 2.2 million iOS apps in the Apple App Store. Besides, more than hundreds of apps get submitted to the respective app stores weekly. I can bet you that there are more than thousands of apps in the app stores just for your single need.

    This extensive collection of apps give rise to fierce competition among the developers. In order to stand out of the crowd and grab the user’s attention, you need to perform App Store Optimization. This technique is used to put the app on the top in app store search results and organic recommendations.

    However, there are some common ASO(App Store Optimization) myths that restrict most of the users from successfully implementing the approach. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions regarding the ASO that you need to avoid for achieving desirable results for your app.

    1.Changing the app name will help you

    We all know how important the app name is and we need to be very careful with that. Undoubtedly the name of the app is the best option to blend the keywords with other words smartly. By targeting the App title or name intelligently, you could get a number of users within in no time. However, there are some ASO experts who believe that changing the name of the app will get you better search ranking in the app stores. Frequently changing the name of the app will only cost you, an old user, nothing more. The users who want to reinstall your app or want to suggest to other will not be able to search it by the older name. As far as the App Stores algorithm goes, there is no benefit of changing the app’s name again and again.

    2.App ratings are enough to win the race

    Most of the developers and marketers believe that ratings are the topmost factor that drives the app’s search ranking. Yes, those people are right but up to some extent not entirely. The ratings on your app which is directly given by the user will definitely put the app in the better search result. But believing that only ratings alone will ball up your game is not right. The positions below 5 up to 10 are profoundly affected by the ratings, and you will see the apps ranking at 1,2,3, and four are having the same stars in the Google Play Store. This means among top 4 ranks the ratings alone isn’t capable of selecting the best ones. This is where other factors like description, user feedbacks and much more come into play.

    3.App description doesn’t matter

    This is the most common myth among the app developers that cost them a considerable number of potential users. The app description is the primary place where the users know about your app. Besides, many surveys have proven that the users are most likely to decide whether they want to download the app or not on the basis of description. This makes it is necessary for you to take the description of your app seriously. Try to add as much as information about your app there but with the help of visuals like video or screenshots. Along with this also mention the additional features and rewards that user would acquire while using your app.

    4.Keywords don’t matter much

    Most of the entrepreneurs aren’t aware that the ASO is similar to SEO where you need to follow the specific guidelines. In the App Stores, you are also required to target specific keywords that will help you in acquiring the better ranking in the app stores. The specific and relevant keywords enable the apps to appear at better ranking in the searches. However, this doesn’t mean you need to stuff the keywords unnecessarily as this will bring no good for you. You are required to sprinkle the keywords all over the content of your app with logic. While searching for an app in the store the users are most likely to type the keywords only of the type of app they are looking for.

    5.Getting listed in the app store will get you everything

    Still, many app owners believe that getting your app submitted in the app store is enough. They think that the users will by default find the app and download it to push up their revenue graph. But, that’s not true as you are competing among millions of apps in the app stores so you need be visible there. To garner the maxim number of users’ attention you need to rank your app high in the app store search listings and featured categories. More importantly, should keep in mind that along with ASO you also have to promote your app via other mediums including social media platforms.

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