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    5 Proven Tips To Double Your Mobile App Revenue

    mobile app revenue tips

    There is no need to tell you about the thriving growth of the mobile app industry that is expected to double next year. We all know that how small devices equipped with mobile apps are taking over the traditional desktops. Whether it is an established firm or a startup, everyone is integrating the mobile app strategy to their business plan. This is where the trouble starts for marketers, they have to face such a huge competitive market. Almost hundreds of mobile apps get submitted to the to the app stores every week. To turn your app into a million dollar product, you need to stand out of the crowd against million of apps.To give your mobile app revenue a kick and experience an exponential growth you need to adopt effective marketing strategies.

    Don’t know how you can double your app revenue? Don’t worry we are here to guide you with the proven ways that will help you in making a fortune out of your mobile app.

    Before unveiling the ways to boost up your app revenue, here are some recent app revenue stats you should know about.

    • 1. The mobile app market is expected to attain a 385% growth rate through 2021.
    • 2. The iOS app developers have earned more than $86 billion by developing apps for the Apple App Store.
    • 3. The total app revenue is expected to reach $139 billion by 2021.
    • 4. The gaming apps are expected to contribute 105.8 billion in total app revenue of 2021.
    • 5. The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is $2.61.

    Tips to double your app revenue

    1. Simple, and convenient navigation

    While working towards, the higher revenue you need to know that the conversion rate is the key. Yes, the higher conversion rate is directly proportional to the revenue generation. This means you need more number of users on your app and that  is only possible with the help of simple navigation. Due to higher competition, everyone is trying to offer something unique to their users. But, this approach could turn against yourself if you make your app design complicated for the users. The simple yet impressive app navigation not only pleases the users but also converts them into a loyal customer.

    Tips for navigation

    • Make it simple and intuitive while considering the easy approach for new users.
    • There should be enough space for the user to tap on buttons effortlessly.
    • Use your CTA (Call to action) carefully, and they should be relevant

    2. Integrate the latest trends

    The best way to connect to your audience and allure them for engaging more with the app is offering new things. The technology is evolving, and you can leverage it for your revenue growth. People are more tend to use the apps that are offering latest trends going around the industry. For example, recently AR features have taken the mobile industry by storm. The apps like Instagram and Snapchat used this technology to provide new stickers. Besides, companies like Ikea used AR technology in their app that  enable the buyers to virtually place the furniture in their home

    Integrating new trends to your app catches the eye of the users, and they are more likely to interact with your app.

    3. Provide value to the users

    At the end of the day, it is the user who will be going to make your app a success. You should remember the objective and values of the user coming to your app. While providing the service make sure that you are always directly communicating with the users. Listen to your users and their feedbacks that will help you in improving the app’s performance. Solving the issues reported by the users and keeping them updated regarding the progress of work make the users feel valuable. Along with this try to provide special offers and deal to your users in a personalized manner.

    The personalized deals or rewards adds more value to the users and will drive more engagement to your app.

    4. Create a sense of urgency

    This may sound like a traditional hardcore marketing strategy but believe me it’s also work in the digital marketing world. The mobile users spend more time and money for the services, but still, you need to make them feel the urgency. To drive more users make them pay for the services you need to create a sense of urgency for them. Here are a few ways you can use create such situations

    • 1. Roll out the FOMO (fear of missing out) campaign, most of the shopping apps use this technique to grab the maximum customers.
    • 2. Use the right CTA asking the users to take immediate action or they will lose the deal.
    • 3. Give exclusive deals with limited time availability, offer discounts or personalized del to the users. 

    5. Show your brand loyalty

    Sharing the brand awareness and proving the brand loyalty is an important aspect for business. It doesn’t matter what reward or deal your offer, nothing gonna bring you the higher revenue unless the users trust your brand. There are many ways to cultivate brand loyalty among your customers, but you must go for the most effective ones. Social media counts and genuine user reviews are the most successful ways to spread the words about your brand — moreover, the testimonials, customer recommendation, certificates, and badges, all these will help in boosting the conversion rate and eventually the app revenue.  

    Wrapping up

    Mobile app industry is growing at a rapid speed so as the competition with it, to sustain in the industry you need to be smart. Now, users have hundreds of alternatives to your mobile app. To garner the maximum revenue, you need to offer the users the latest technology and exclusive services. Try to optimize your app by integrating the technologies like IoT, and AR/VR.

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