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    5 Best Mobile App Marketing Strategies To Follow

    There are millions of apps available in a single app store that makes the competition fierce than ever. With more than 3.3 million the Android apps in the Google Play Store, it is tough to get the user’s attention. To make your app visible among the crowd and get it installed in the user’s smartphone you need a perfect mobile app marketing strategy. However, you will find hundreds of blogs saying the best strategies for mobile app marketing, but which one to follow is the real task.

    As a marketer, it should be your primary concern to rank your app at the top in the app store using the right strategies. Mobile marketing includes various preparations and actions to grab the user’s attention. Here we have handpicked the 5 best mobile app marketing strategies for you to get your app an impactful presence in the app store.  

    1. Do the Extensive Research

    Now, you must be thinking that research isn’t a marketing strategy but trust me it helps in carrying the most effective app marketing. Most of the app marketers believe that they already have an effective plan to promote the app. But, by doing the research and knowing about the latest marketing trend for the app promotion, you can avail the maximum benefits. This will help you in finding what plan your top competitors are following and taking them into action. Besides, with the research, you can also unveil the emerging trend that could help your app marketing.

    2. Launch the Beta Version

    Launching a beta version before pushing the actual app helps a lot to the app owners. The beta launch is the most useful app promotion or marketing strategy that you can leverage from. By providing a beta version of your app, you will allow the users to get their hand on the product before the actual launch. This will help you in getting the user’s attention as more users tend to try the beta app. Along with this, you can also get to know the flaw and imperfections of your app to resolve it before the app gets published.

    3. Get Your App Reviewed

    There is nothing better than the app reviews to garner the users’ trust. You need to have verified reviews about your app telling how great your app is or how it sucks. You can use also take the help of the app stores where the user’s put the genuine reviews. According to a survey, the most number of users first go through the latest app reviews in the app store before downloading it. Besides, you can also take help of the app review portals and channels. These channels will review your app and share their views with a large number of audience that will help the app in getting more users.

    4. Focus on the KPI’s

    As a marketer, you need to be aware of every factor affecting the app’s performance in the market. Where most of the app owners and marketers believe that a number of downloads drive the success, it is a misconception. The right number of app downloads do tell that how good your app is doing, but it can’t decide the app success alone. To find out the precise performance of your app you need to know about the Key Performance Indicators of KPI’s. These performance indicators include the parameters like Cost per downloads, user retention, user engagement and much more.

    5. Post-Launch Marketing

    To make sure that app stands out from the crowd and garner the user’s attention you need to be very cautious after the launch. Marketing of the app is not only required before launching of your app but also when it is available in the app stores. Once your is an app available in the app store you need to promote it via various mediums and channels. Try to communicate directly with the targeted users and let them know about your app and what makes it so special.

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