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    How to Get Funding for Your Mobile App Prototype?



    Prototyping is one of the most important aspects of the app development world. The whole design of the final app is based on the prototype. Investors are interested to see the prototype of your app before you send it out for development. If the prototype is convincing and robust, there is nothing that can stop you from getting investments. 


    The Importance of a Prototype For Your Business?


    A prototype provides the necessary details about how the app would function, navigation processes, icons, and other designs. It also gives you a rough overview of how the customer will give you feedback and take help from your app when they seek it. Preparing any visual presentation is not convincing enough. There is a prototype that is on-demand within investors before they start putting in their resources into your app. 


    Steps to Get Funding For Your App


    After the prototype is ready, you need to start pitching investors and funding companies with your idea. But how to ensure that your prototype is good enough? Here’s how.


    • Build a Robust Prototype to get Funds


    The first and foremost requirement is to build a strong prototype that speaks about your project loudly. Use market research to analyze whether your app is going to be well accepted among people. It is better to dig into the insights of all these and gather information about the functionality of the app along with user expectations. 


    Build a Robust Prototype to get Funds


    The prototype will create a rough image of profitability and will thus guide the investors towards validating your product. You can demonstrate the working and usability of your app to your investors through the prototype. Finally, if your application is developed successfully by keeping user expectations, requirements and market statistics in check, you will gather a considerable user base within a short period of time. Moreover, it is the prototyping that will help you edit any way you want and test changes. Therefore, investors will fund you for a good prototype.


    • Test Your Prototype Practically to Prove Your Viability to Investors


    Test Your Prototype Practically to Prove Your Viability to Investors


    The most important factor for getting funds is to get your app practically used among a group of real users. Collecting their views and feedback is crucial as it will validate the working of your prototype. Gather a real pool of customers and ask them to use your app and give honest reviews. Then, you can make changes in your application and make the prototype even better. When your app is meeting user needs, you will definitely get positive responses from those users, which will come across as testimonials to your app’s performance.


    • Search for Angel Investors to Fund the Prototype


     Search for Angel Investors to Fund the Prototype


    Then, the next crucial step for getting funds for your prototype will be to search the Angel Investors who are interested in investing in your project. Finding an Angel Investor can be a challenging task. But you have to be patient and persistent with your goals. Some of the Angel Investors prefer to remain behind the curtains.


    • Get Funds for Your Prototype From Angel Investors


    The first thing you ought to know is that the Angel Investors are managed by a team of managers who keep aside the money and want to gain a profound overview of your developed prototype. If you are developing your projects in different nations, you can look for the Angel Investors there. For example in Chicago, there are Angel Investors like Cornerstone Angela and Hyde Park Angels for your funding requirements regarding such projects. Search for the investors in your region and plan for the meet.

    With these pointers in mind, it won’t be long before you have a robust mobile app prototype. And there’s barely anything that can stop you from getting funding for your startup. Let us know in the comments what you feel about entrepreneurship. Stay tuned with AppMystery for more.

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