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    How to Get your App Featured on App Store?



    You know Apple App Store is one of the most used app stores all over the world. Each day more than 2000 apps get published on the play store. But as an iPhone or iPad user, have you ever looked at these many applications. We often open the play store to search for the app in the store and download the one that pops up at the top. Or, in some case, we may go up to a second or third app. Thus, many new applications get lost in the haystack.

    Along with the popularity issues among the masses, the apps are also competing among themselves to catch the eye of users. Thus, to beat the competition, you need to get more visibility and downloads. All it requires is a little hard work on your part. So here I am to give you some sure shot ways to gain visibility on the App Store.

    Let me start with how Apple decides which app should feature on the top. The company has never released the exact algorithm, but there are certain standard features among the top apps that can help us decode the formula. First, are the quality apps along with the uniqueness of the app. You must stand out in terms of quality and uniqueness. Second, they must match the standards of Apple. The company will publish the app on their app store only when you are closer to their level of excellence.

    Thus, I suggest you must keep up with the eligibility criteria and also, stay up to date with the latest iOS versions. Make sure you have an edge on the app currently trending on the app store. You aim to be at the top of the list in your category.


    Build a High-Quality App

    even though it is an obvious thing, but I am mentioning this as it is essential. App store is just like a mall. And no mall will hamper its image with low-quality products. Just like that, the app store will accept the apps only that are high in quality. Therefore, to earn a certificate of approval from the Apple co.in, make the app with popular features, and also improve it on a regular basis.  Remove the app from all kinds of bugs and malware.

    Build a High-Quality App

    Design your App Just Like Apple

    Apple will display the app only when it matches the aesthetics of the apple. Make a smart, clean and bright design of the application. Make sure the design is inspired by minimalism, so don’t overdo on the aesthetics and features. Add the manageable features.

    Build the App Only for iOS First

    For publishing the app on the app store, develop the app for the iOS first and then for the other kinds of operating systems. This way you will be able to win the loyalty of the company.

    Make the App Universal

    Make the app accessible to all kinds of apple products. Your app must correctly work with the iPhone, iPad, iWatch, etc. this is just another way of showing your loyalty to the company. Analyze the business model of Apple, and you will know what should be included and what to be excluded according to the norms of Apple. You can get the guide online from AppCoda.

    Use the Latest Features of Apple

     It is essential that your app must be compatible with all the Apple products. This step is a must to feature on the top. You should incorporate all the latest technology of Apple in your app to get featured on top. Currently, you can integrate the app with 3D touch to improve your chances for the front page.

    Use the Latest Features of Apple

    Localize your App

    There are around 155 app stores in the world. Getting featured in the US app store is very important and gets you a huge audience, but starring in one of the smaller app stores is also huge. The local stores are always looking for best apps to feature and thus, with very little competition you can be on the top of the local store list. From there, featuring on the main app will not be difficult.

    Update Frequently

    To gets your app featured on the top of the list, and you need to bring regular alterations to the application. When you continuously bring changes and updates to the application, the app store automatically raises your rank. Also, you can make seasonal updates to your application — seasonal means around the festivities and occasions, when people buy the electrical appliances the most.

    Optimize your App Store Listing

    Each time you make changes it is important to remember the main aim of both Apple and your company is to make more people download the app. So, keep optimizing the description from time to time, attach screenshots, and make the promos witty and funny. Make the app that Apple can proudly promote.

    Optimize your App Store Listing

    Promote the Place of App Development

    People love to feel more familiar with the applications just like any other product. If you disclose that you have made the app in their neighborhood or near their hometown, they will feel more connected to the app and may even download without further ado. It is more important where you are non-American because people living out of America love to know the app is from their place of origin.

    Release the App on Tuesday or Wednesday

    Well, not because it is some lucky day but because Apple releases the list of new-curated apps on Thursday. So if you send your app on these two days so that your app doesn’t get mixed up in a pile and remains on the top few. If you don’t do it now, the app will disappear in the collection of other apps. Apple will not dig very deep in the pile to look for your application and publish it on the app store.

    I hope these points will help you and also, gain you more profits for your hard work.

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