• App Store Optimization Techniques You Should Follow

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    The biggest challenge that most of the startups face is bringing their mobile app to the limelight. In the app world where millions of apps are competing against each other, it is quite hard to catch the user’s attention. If you have your mobile app under the development process, then you need to understand various methods of app promotion right now There are some techniques you should use that are famous amongst top android app developers, and the process is known as Play store optimization.

    1. Choose your App’s title wisely

    It is seen that all the top android app developers choose a very descriptive title for their apps. There is a different way to handle titles in the Google play store as you get 30 characters for your title, so it is advisable to be very concise. All the best android mobile app development companies have a unique, keyword rich and descriptive title for their apps. It will help you to establish market share and improve the ranking of your mobile app in the Google Play Store.

    2. Think before you use Keywords

    Keywords are verys sensitive when it comes to the app store optimization, you can’t directly target them instead you have to use them smartly. If you want to be one of the top android app developers, then you need to learn how to choose the most searchable app description for which you have 4000 characters. You may also need to do some research about the traffic and demand for keywords because many other apps may already be using it.

    3. Perfect Icon Design

    It is obvious that the more downloads your app will have the higher it will be ranked, and the number of downloads has a direct link with the icon design for your app. The best android mobile app development companies take their app’s icon design very seriously. It is supposed to be very engaging, interesting and catchy and of course unique. You really need to take the icon seriously if you are willing to get more downloads for your app.

    4. Pick the Right Category

    If you look from the user’s point of view, then it is much easier to browse apps by category. This is the reason why you need to put your app in the relevant category to avoid misleading of the users. It is best to choose the category for your app which describes your product the most. This will bring you the maximum number of users and help you in marketing your app.


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