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    When it comes to the hobby, watching a television show is the number one favorite of many people around the world. And in today’s technology, you’ll see people regularly watching from their tablets or smartphones.


    A lot of apps provide this kind of service; however, one of the best ones that provide it is Tubi TV. When you look for it at the Play Store, you’ll find out that it has so many positive reviews.


    It almost reached millions of positive ratings from its users and downloaded it for more than 50 million.


    This statistic is for the Play Store only; the iOS version is different.This makes this app very popular, and people appreciated it because of its aspect.


    What Are The Features Of Tubi TV


    Free Forever


    You don’t have to purchase any subscription in order to download and install it. They provide legal movies and shows for free.


    Has Multiple Genre Shows


    Whatever your favorite genre, this application has it. From action, comedy, drama, horror, kids’ channel, anime, and news, classic, you’ll find all of it in this app.


    Has Foreign Channel


    If you wanted to watch popular shows in other countries, you could also find it here. It has Korean drama shows, British, and many more.


    Updated Regularly


    The developers and admin of the Tubi app have always updated it every Friday so people won’t run out of shows.


    High-Definition Videos


    Even though they provide their service for free, they don’t offer cheap or ugly quality; they produce a high-quality definition for up to 4k quality.


    It Supports Multi-Device Synching


    It has a feature to connect on external monitors if you want to expand your smartphone or tablet into your Chromecast, AirPlay, Roku, Apple TV, or other Android TVs.


    Using The Tubi App On Your Computer


    You might be wondering if you can also watch TV shows from Tubi using your TV. The answer is yes, you can do it, but only if you use an emulator, see this source for more information.


    Since there’s no app installer available for Windows and Mac, you will be able to run it only if you use an emulator software.


    The emulator program is available online and can be download for free; we will create a guide here to install it. But before you read that, you might also consider looking at the specs of your computer if you can run it.


    • Have The latest drivers of your computer such as graphics card or built-in if you don’t have one.


    • The processor must be capable of running fast or get at least a dual-core. Also, if your computer is a modern one, the chances that you can run it is very high.


    • Your computer memory needs to be at least 2 GB or more. If you have old computer hardware and the RAM is below the minimum requirements, the only way is to increase virtual memory or upgrade your hardware.


    • It also requires several software installed on your machines such as .Net framework and Visual C++ Redistributable. Most emulators nowadays need it, so make sure to have them on your PC. In case your computer is Mac, you can skip it completely.


    • Although optional, if you don’t enable the virtualization, the emulator will notify you about it so that you can take action. Enabling this option will make the emulator program to run fast.


    Now, your computer is ready; you can proceed to the installation of the emulator program.


    How To Install Tubi App From Emulator – BlueStacks


    If you are new on emulating apps to your computer, you’ll find it confusing because there are too many emulators available online. But don’t worry because we will suggest you the best one.


    The Bluestacks emulator is currently one of the best and fastest you can get. It is a wonderful emulator that can run many games and apps; this includes the Tubi app.


    To get this powerful emulator on your computer, follow the written guide below.


    • Open your favorite browsers, such as Google Chrome or Safari.


    • Start searching for the Bluestacks from your search engine, such as Bing,
    Yahoo, or Google.


    • Enter only the official website and then start looking for the installer of the Bluestacks.


    • Grab a copy compatible with your machine and save it to your computer desktop.


    • Now, find the setup and then launch it to start the installation.


    • You can just keep on clicking the next button and, finally, the install button.


    • After that, check the shortcut of this app on your desktop and launch it.


    • The Play Store will immediately pop up on your screen. In this window, enter the login details of your account.


    • Once you logged in, you can now open this market and search for the Tubi TV.


    • Click the install button, and this will save the Tubi app on your desktop.


    • Locate the shortcut and then execute it so you can finally use it on your PC.


    That’s it, installation of this emulator and the Tubi is very simple. However, if you encounter some issues on the Google Play Store, make sure that you are connected on the internet properly. Otherwise, you’ll need to use the method below.

    Installing Tubi APK

    The Tubi app is mainly available on the Google Play Store. However, if you have problems accessing it, you can install it from an external source.


    By downloading the Tubi APK, you’ll be able to install it even without the Play Store access. Keep in mind, though, that if you use this method, you won’t be able to update this app from the Play Store.


    Otherwise, follow and read the method below.


    • Find and download the Tubi APK from the google search engine.


    • Open the Bluestacks emulator.


    • Drag the downloaded Tubi APK file inside the window of Bluestacks.


    • Now, it will start the installation window. Just click continue and install it.


    In this way, you will be able to install it even without accessing the Play Store. In order to update it, you must get the latest copy of the Tubi APK installer and replace the installed app on your Bluestacks.


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