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    What is App Store Optimization?

    Considering that almost 6500 apps are launched every day, to ensure that your app stands out, you need to optimize it.

    What is App Store Optimization


    Technology is moving at a fast rate. There are so many people switching their business to mobile app development. People are developing apps at quick paces and the Play Store is getting filled with them. With so many mobile applications taking over the world, It is really difficult to build an app and then make it considerably noticeable in the mobile market. This entire process is so difficult that one really needs to know the entire process of application development and then market it successfully. If marketing is not cared for, the purpose of the application is in itself defeated. 


    The most common technique of mobile app marketing is App Store Optimization. Once you’ve taken care of mobile app development and launched the app on your preferred app store, you need to take care of optimizing it.


    Defining App Store Optimization


    Abbreviated as ASO, this is the process of bringing one’s application to the top lists in the Google Play Store. The higher your app comes in the ranking while you are searching for the app, the more the chances are that people will download your app. The app visibility automatically changes and a greater number of people will automatically download your app. This visibility directly means that traffic to your app will increase, thus giving it more publicity. Then it will start appearing on the top searches all by itself. The entire goal of ASO is to increase the traffic to your app and help you to earn more money out of it.


    Take a look at the top ASO factors that are responsible for boosting app downloads and traffic.


    Defining App Store Optimization


    Now, this may sound really easy, but it doesn’t come cheap. You need to understand the purpose and the customer base of your application very well. Making wild guesses will not help you. You have to identify your competitors, the keywords that connect you to your competitors, and more. Having a clear understanding of what your keywords are, how they direct you to your end-users holds some vital information that you could use to your advantage. This is actually an important piece to the jigsaw puzzle wherein your app can be downloaded more frequently by a lot of customers.


    Understanding the Importance of ASO


    Statistics say that almost 63% of the applications are downloaded through searches itself – making this an important tool to help with app downloads. Thus, the app store is the treasure house to your app getting downloaded – you just have to know how to go about it. So, it goes without saying that if you aren’t using app store optimization to achieve your download goals, you aren’t enjoying the fruit of the nectar. 


    Understanding the Importance of ASO


    If you didn’t realize how many apps make their way to the Play Store daily, it might make you rethink the purpose of app optimization. But to clarify that, thousands of apps are added into the store and hundreds of apps compete for the bare minimum – just to get plain visibility. Still, the most shocking fact remains that most developers aren’t even using ASO for increasing their app’s visibility – such an unfortunate incident. ASO is definitely the secret weapon that a lot of people are missing out on completely.


    How Does ASO Work?


    What matters the most – headings. It is needless to say that the keyword which initiates the heaviest traffic should be up on the heading. That will ensure that the moment a hit is encountered, your application gets caught. Research well on the keywords, the kind of searches that your customer base would do, and more. Just as your app will gain a lot more downloads, the second mode of publicity starts to spring up – the mouth to mouth advertisement. Other people will start recommending your application and you will automatically gain a greater number of customers.


    What are Keywords?


    What are Keywords?

    Look for a list of words that people who can be potential customers keep typing. This word set can be your treasure trove to success. These searches can guide you to optimize your application in a way that it gains maximum visibility. You could also easily monitor the relevant keywords and go about setting them up.


    Factors That Impact ASO


    The total number of downloads is also crucial to ASO and you need to have a steady base to climb up the list. Remember to have a backup team that will keep hitting on the app and downloading it. Also, another important factor is the number of reviews and ratings – the total number of downloads will not be important if people do not come up and review your app. Figure out a way to increase your mobile app reviews. The better the rating your app gets, the more visibility it earns. This entirely forms a cycle and is beneficial to your app.


    Factors That Impact ASO


    All of these factors have been tried and tested, and yes, it does take a combination of all of these factors to get your app to a higher-ranking. Extremely vital and often overlooked by most developers, this is the one-stop solution that can help you through your misery of low downloads and less visibility.


    ASO is a Time-Consuming Process


    It is to be noted that the process takes a lot of time because it involves making the app store learn that your app is worthy of recognition. It doesn’t happen overnight – and certainly isn’t magic that it will immediately work out. This has to be monitored regularly and tweaked and updated daily so that it climbs the ladder of hierarchy. The developer must have a thoroughly researched backstory and put it up while submission to ensure the best results.


    How To Go About ASO?


    Mobile app developers have to constantly update the keywords, keep track of their rank online and keep monitoring the reviews and ratings. The competitors need to be kept account of, and the keywords and search words need to be experimented with and be changed frequently according to demands and trends. Research being the buzzword here, the app developers can’t simply stop after building their app. The process continues until your app reaches maximum visibility and subsequent downloads. Stay tuned with AppMystery for more.

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