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    Applock – Secure Your Hidden Gallery, Secret Browser, and Private SNS



    If you are someone who fears and panics from the fact that people will access your data, then apps that help to protect your phone are the best solution for you. You might have a horde of sensitive information that includes your emails, contacts, documents, files or other data which is of prime importance. Thus to keep this data stack safe, it has to be hidden away from prying eyes. This is where mobile app lockers come into play.

    There may be even some apps that you have installed for your own use and you do not want anyone else to know about them.  In these cases, it would be desirable to hide out those apps, from the sight of other people who may touch your phone. For this, one simply needs to install these apps that provide the extra layer of protection from data theft.

    Privacy is something that cannot be compromised. In today’s world of technology and advancement, data stealing is such a common phenomenon that one cannot risk such kind of intervention into privacy. These days, the smartphones that have been released in the market also do not provide sufficient data protection to our devices and does not extend the protection to photos, contacts, etc. Here comes the huge importance of Applock – the app that gives an extra layer of protection to the device. This app helps the users to put restricted access to their favorite apps and personal data in their phones.

    These days, most of the security lock mobile applications aren’t strongly built, and they fail to fortify the device because of prevalent bugs. But Applock comes with the benefit of strength – with this app one can even lock up the apps. There is also a hidden vault to where the users can move their images and videos which cannot be accessed by anyone other than the user. Definitely, Applock is a great application to help data protection.

    This app has been selected as one of the best among 15 Android free apps of 2017, by Android authority. This app is definitely efficient and allows complete encryption of both data and images that the user can access with the help of a pattern or pin.

    The key features of the app discussed:

    Applock is safe to use and provides additional security because of the following reasons:

    • They have a random keyboard; hence they do not allow people to keep the password.
    • There is a feature where the user can actually find out who is trying to steal the data.
    • One can even add in a fingerprint sensor for the extra level of caution.
    • This app can lock up other apps so that no one can access what you feel is important.
    • It can even hide from the home screen and mask up the locked apps
    • Extra protection by hiding pictures and videos.

    key features Applock

    Thus this mobile app is indispensable for all people who believe in absolute privacy. With this app, one can lock up other apps, so if anyone tries to access them, the app will ask for passwords or patterns. They even take it a notch ahead and include the fingerprint version that makes them absolutely full proof.

    Applock locks out all other apps that the user feels need privacy – that includes Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SnapChat, Instagram, SMS, contacts, Gmail, settings and even call logs because all of these contain very sensitive information. One can completely prevent unauthorized access with the help of this app.

    One can start hiding their secret photos by dragging them into the cryptic vault, an extra feature available with the app. All hidden images can be deleted from the gallery after this, and no one can access those images and videos other than the user. This app also has a random keyboard that prevents people from remotely stealing passwords.

    What Applications can be Locked by Applock

    There are a lot of applications that can be secured by this app alone – below is the list of all apps that it can protect:

    Social apps: These apps contain most of your data – personal chat information, contacts, photos, can be stolen from these accounts. Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Messenger, WeChat can all be locked down with this app.

    What Applications can be Locked by Applock

    System Apps

    These are essential phone apps that often stay without any password protection in general. It is of utmost importance that these have to be secured. Some of the apps are gallery, videos, contacts, SMS, email and more. When one uses AppLock to seal these apps, data can no longer be stolen.

    Android Pay Apps

    Now there are several payment apps that have made it to the market these days, which include, Android Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay, and more. Often it happens that others easily access these digital wallets and start using them. One shouldn’t be leaving these apps out without protection. Here comes the benefit of Applock.

    Other third-party apps can also be locked with this efficient app – that includes Gmail, Youtube, games and more.

    The chief Highlights of App lock

    There are several features that make this app outstanding in nature, which includes the below-listed points:

    Intruder Selfie

    This app takes photos of intruders who have been trying to get into your phone. It also records the date and the time of the incident. That makes it easy for you to understand who has been doing it.

    Replacing AppLock Icon

    You could easily even replace the icon with other icons like calendar and notepad to confuse those who are trying to break into your phone.

    Locking Frequency

    You could simply set your phone to automatically lock off after 5 min or the desired time that you want to set.

    Phone Power Saving

    You could save 50% of your phone power by switching to the power saver mode in this app. Not only does it protect your data, but the battery power too.

    The one tap enables/disable Applock feature:

    You may choose to disable the lock anytime with just one click, it is that easy and quick to operate.

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