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    Eat24 – App Review

    Eat 24 review


    Food is medicine for most woe – and someone has rightly mentioned that there is nothing that a good plate of food cannot cure. Food can help make an individual better about himself – let alone the nutrients and the food value is beneficial.

    These days, the online food industry has taken over the system. Due to hectic lifestyles, people no longer have the time to cook a meal, or even wait at their favorite restaurants for a very long time, waiting to be served. It is not only time consuming, but also inconvenient. This is where the online food ordering services have come up – along with this comes the great choice of unlimited orders and discounts applied. Eat24 is the only app that satiates hunger like no other – it ensures on-time delivery, promises food from the best of restaurants and has a simple interface too. This app aids the users to find the best restaurants and deals and order accordingly.

    Eat24 – Food Delivery Ordering

    This is a mobile app that you can access in about 1500 cities with more than 40,000 restaurant partners, that makes a brilliant extended menu for the food enthusiasts. One can start exploring new food, move ahead and check out new restaurants, extensive menus, and check the ratings and reviews accordingly. Definitely, a sure shot trick to fulfill your cravings without even having to leave your own room, Eat24 is the paradise lost for all the people who love to munch.

    This is the only platform that has such a diverse range of food items, which include the commonest to the rare. Be it Chinese or continental, or any other rare delicacy available at your location, Eat24 will deliver it to you, right on time, without you having to leave the room. One simply gets the choice of ordering what their heart desires, and gets it on time, without even having to move from the location. With tie-ups with over 40000 restaurants, this is any foodie’s dream come true.

    Key Features of the App that Makes it a Stand out

    • Searching food over a wide location, that encompasses approximately 40000 restaurants
    • There is no requirement to leave the couch, the food appears before the user without his hard work
    • Amazing food delivered in the span of limited time
    • Live to track of food being delivered

    The best part of using this app is that the users do not need to dress again after a tiring day at work; instead, they can just sit on the bed and start ordering whatever they want to eat. If there is a food requirement on the go, they can simply order, get the food delivered in seconds and leave quick. If there is a huge party to be catered, and the user is exhausted, he can simply order food with Eat24. Eat24 is the savior in all cases. Along with this, the app allows real-time tracking of the food being delivered to the user, which makes it even more transparent. Along with that, if a user would like a takeaway, he could even opt for that option.

    Eat24 shows ratings and reviews of each food item, along with the description of the dish, just in case the user is confused about what to order. The ratings and reviews help the user to understand the food quality and delivery of the restaurant they have chosen to deliver food from. In case any kind of assistance is required, one can easily access the 24/7 support, and get the requisite help from the customer care executive.

    Moreover, the app has an inbuilt yep review section which talks about the restaurants – that makes it easier to order from the restaurants without having to switch apps. Filter out the restaurants by the factors of distance, delicacy, newest, top rated, and many more. There is also a great option which says what’s a good filter – this helps in getting through the popular deliveries of nearby restaurants.

    If you are looking at the aspect of saving money – there are great deals available, and you could simply get cash backs, coupons, and more. There are even weekly coupons, offers and even grand rewards from Eat24. Also, for the extra lazy eaters, you can simply give permission to the camera to scan your debit card, and your pay will also be done in a second!

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