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    Evernote- An App To Organize Your Day

    The world has become more business oriented in the last few years where everyone is running to earn a luxurious life. The business world has drastically affected by the recent advancements in technology. Besides, almost every millennial is working hard to turn their idea into a million dollar reality via a successful startup. This dream requires them to be productive than ever and strategize their everyday activities. Making notes and keeping track of everything is the very first thing that every entrepreneur do in the morning. So, why not take the help of technology here for making it much more productive and effective.

    Evernote is an app that works as your diary that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via smartphones. The app not only enables you to store information but also offers many functionalities. Today, we have picked up this app that will help you to make your every day as productive as possible without missing out on any task.

    What Evernote do?

    There is a plethora of productivity and note-making apps in the app stores, but there is a reason we have chosen Evernote. The is the most reliable one and the only one that comes with a number of additional features depending upon your requirements. You can easily make notes in Evernote and add images, PDFs, text, videos, sketches and web clippings to it. Besides, you can also create a checklist and organize your tasks of the day to make sure they get done. The app acts as your digital notebook and allows you to

    • 1. Add notes, gather information anytime just accessing your phone
    • 2. Attach different formats of files including images, videos and much more.
    • 3. Add files like PDF, MS docs and much more directly in your notes.
    • 4. Use the camera directly to scan the printed or written documents and comment on them.
    • 5. Synchronizing the app across different devices including smartphones, PC and tablets.

    Making Everyday Easy and Organized

    Whether you’re an IT professional or running your own business Evernote is the real problem solver for all. To know how efficiently the app works we have used the app for a while. During our experience, we explored all the offered features of the app and tried to put them on a test. First of all the app is lightweight and it takes only a few MB of space on your mobile. Besides the app is fast and opens up within a blink once you click the icon. In the app, you get an intuitive and straightforward user interface with minimal design. You will see an ‘add note’ option that will allow you to create your own document and make subdocuments, you can either write text or add different files in it. The notes you create automatically gets saved in the cloud storage so you can access them even if you uninstall the app.

    Evernote enables you to stay productive every single day by immediately creating notes irrespective of the place and time. With Evernote we were able to save pieces of information, set reminders, create a to-do list and keep track all the tasks.

    What are Different Premium Plans?

    Evernote is not limited to just note saving app, and it offers a more wide range of services for the corporate offices. The app offers three plans to the interested users where the basic one is for free that comes with first services for the users. Here is the break down of all three plans

    • 1. Basic plan– The basic plan comes with features that you need to create the notes. In the free version, you will get the facility to organize your days with reminders, notes by adding images or sharing with their friends.
    • 2. Premium plan– The premium plan of the Evernote comes with some exclusive features for which you had to pay. To enhance your notes making experience Evernote Premium plan offers the AI support. Besides, it also provides the integration to other services like Google Drive, Outlook and CRM tools like Salesforce. For the premium plan, you need to pay $14.99 per user per month.
    • 3. Business plan– For the companies and professionals, there is a business plan that comes with some corporate oriented features. In this plan, the app offers team collaborations and team administrations services. These additional services enable the users to manage their projects to share and allocate task in the team. Besides, the plan allows using an unlimited number of devices with a single account.

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