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    Google Allo- Here is Your Chat Partner

    Do you use chat apps? Wait, what I am asking surely you must have one, if not then what is the point of having a smartphone. You will find a number of chat apps in the app stores and most people around you must be using one. But, what if you can experience an AI-powered chat app that will assist you during the conversation. Artificial Intelligence is one of the growing technology that has the potential to change the world forever. Among its countless applications chatting apps are the best one till date. The technology has taken the chat apps up to another level to make it more convenient and smarter for the users.

    The tech giant, Google launched its first AI-powered chat app Google Allo couple of years back. The app offers the standard chat services that enables the users to interact using text, images, GIF and much more. Besides, the app has an additional feature that is Google Assistant, and the new generation AI using the machine learning to work. Google Assistant integration enables the app to offer quick replies and other suggestions to users.

    Why Google Allo is different from other chat apps?

    Google Allo fulfills your requirement of instant chat apps to interact with other users and ping them quick messages. However, the app is entirely different from its rivals chat apps as it is powered with AI assistance. Google Allo comes with an intuitive design that makes it straight forward for the new users and easy to get used to it. The speed of the app is a plus point for Google; moreover, it can also work effectively even on the poor internet connection.

    But, the Google Assistant integration is the unique feature that separates the app from others. The Google Assistant learns about your typing style and takes help of the machine learning to come up with quick replies. Using these replies, you can instantly answer in any conversation without even typing. Along with this, you can also ask for the help from Google Assistance via one-to-one chat or by typing @google in the group chats. The Google AI integration brings you the benefit of Google search within the chat during a conversation where you can easily search for anything on the web.

    Besides, the app gets synchronized with the other Google apps like Gmail, Calendar and much more. Moving forward to the privacy features, the app also has an additional option for the users called Incognito Mode. By turning on the Incognito mode, you can secure your chats with the end to end encryption. The feature also enables the user to send auto expiring messages that get deleted automatically from the chat box after a predefined time.

    Google Allo also comes with an extensive collection of stickers that can be used to make your conversation more funny and enjoyable. Whether it is a cute dog or angry smiley, you will get every emoji right under your thumb. The most enjoyable feature is the ‘Ink’ that allows you to doodle on images or add text on them, so you can take some weird images of your friends and make fun of them in the group chats.


    There is no doubt that there a number of chat apps available in the app stores with multiple features. Where WhatsApp is currently ruling the industry, the apps like Viber and Telegram are gaining popularity. But, no app offers AI help that could assist the user to a very prominent level. Google Allo is very easy and lightweight app that runs well even on limited internet connectivity which is a great relief for the users. The AI factor puts an additional point in the bag of Google Allo against the other chat apps. However, the only problem with the app is that not many users are aware of the app or using it. But, we believe in the coming time Google will turn the tables and make its chat app available in most of the user’s smartphones.

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