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    Mobile App Review: Parenting Hero

    The art of parenting includes providing more than materials and love to your children. This is the new age wherein the parenting hacks have completely changed. The new age parents are stuck between their busy schedules and their children. While we know that the busy schedule cannot be altered, we know that some of the parenting techniques can be learnt from Parenting Hero app.

    This app comes from the creators of “How to talk so little that your kids will hear” by Joanna Faber and Julie King. This detailed guide helps parents to create a beautiful relationship with their children. The app helps to teach the parents role playing, so that they can navigate the situations. The book has been created as a continuation to the worldwide best seller series.

    The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. The app recommends tried and tested solutions to make a family life happier and more prosperous. All of the suggestions are compiled as tips, such that the parents can remember them and apply them whenever necessary.

    The key features of this app are:

    • There is complete role playing that is based on comics only
    • Hand drawn comics are unique, gives you a feel that you are present
    • Based on advice from international award winning experts

    The app has more benefits – it helps children remain calm, and maintain their responsibilities. Also conflict is solved in a creative fashion. Mythic Owl, a developer studio has built this app – with the goal that they would change the world.

    With this app, the art of parenting becomes much easier – children’s negative feelings can be handled well, and the overall family experience can be improved.


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