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    PubG Mobile- Get Ready For The Battle Royale

    The technology always had a major influence on the gaming world and pushes it on next level in every 5-7 years. In recent years the gaming experience has been drastically shifted to a whole new level by the technology advancements. Today, we will be talking about the game that has recently taken the gaming world by the storm with its popularity. Yes, it’s none other than PUBG, but we will be reviewing the PUBG mobile app for our readers. Back in 2017, NetEase released the game only for PC gamers and revolutionized the military combat gaming. Considering the response and the popularity of the game Tencent launched PUBG Mobile, the smartphone version of the game earlier this year.

    As expected the game immediately went viral and became favorite of the gamers across the globe. To know how this game actually works and what made it so popular that the people are crazy about it we decided to review it. If you haven’t played it yet then by the end of this article, you will know everything about it.

    Now, without wasting any more time let’s see what PUBG Mobile got for us.

    What is PUBG Mobile?

    PUBG is a multiplayer shooting combat game that takes you on the mission of killing and survival to win the game. At the beginning of the game, you will be dropped as a mercenary to your chosen map. You will be fighting against 99 players in the game where you need to be the last man standing to become the winner. You must be thinking about what’s new, and we already have this kind of games. But, PUBG Mobile has some unique and excellent gameplay features that make it the best among all. From graphics to the map everything is precisely developed for a thrilling gaming experience.

    However, the gameplay for the PUBG Mobile is slightly different from the PC version, we will discuss it later.

    Gaming Experience

    No matter how much popular a game is and what features it offers the true gamers will never show it a green signal until they experience the gameplay by themselves. So, I had my hand on the game to experience it and know how great it feels. The game starts with you selecting your player having no credits even for clothes. Once you select to join a game, you will be put on the waiting area with other players in the game. Once the 100 players get connected for a chosen map, you will be ready to jump off the plane on the island. Honestly, until getting dropped on the land, it may seem like you are wasting a lot of time but trust me it worth the waiting. You need to handle your own parachute while in the air and try to land in the prescribed area on the map. Once landed you need to look out for the weapon immediately as in PUBG, you won’t get weapons by default. Besides, the weapons are limited, so you need to be quick while hunting for them. You can either play solo or form a team to compete in the game. After getting suite up, your aim is to find the enemies within the parameter of 8X8 KM and kill them.

    The gaming experience is as same as the PC version; however, the controls seem to be more compact. But, after fewer attempts, you will get used to the controls and feel more comfortable. The features including the graphics, guns, ammo, vehicles and other weapons are similar to the bigger version of the game. The important thing to remember that the area gets shorter with the time, After every particular time gap an electric shockwave comes that reduces the battleground, so you need to be within the perimeter.

    Now, coming to the controls, you will have a virtual joystick at the left for controlling the player’s movement. The button at the right will allow you to aim and fire on the targets. However, the controls will look clumsy if you are not a regular smartphone gamer. PUBG Mobile also offers a few changes in the controls that you can make by going into the settings. The best thing I found is that, once you get your hands stable on the controls aiming and killing the targets is much easier than the PC version. To make it till the end of the game you have to be smart and alert all the time. The last man standing player or team will win the game.

    Technical Aspects

    PUBG Mobile is based on Unreal Engine 4 that enables it to offer HD graphics experience. The game is available for free in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and it will take around 1.5 GB of space to download. For Android, the game can be played on devices running on Android 5.1.1 and above having at least 2GB of RAM. However, I will suggest playing the game with at least one 4GB of RAM and Android 7 or above for hassle-free experience.


    Undoubtedly PUBG Mobile is one of the best game ever, but it does have some bumps that could hamper your experience. As the game depends on internet connectivity, you need to have a strong data connection on your mobile. However, in spite of having a good connection, I faced network issue while connecting. Besides, the game has a built-in chat feature for the players to communicate with their teammates. Most of the users use their phone’s microphone that could result in getting continuously annoying noises while playing.

    The Upshot

    Tencent has done great work by bringing the PUBG successfully on a smaller platform. The game will keep you trapped, and you won’t even notice how much time you have spent while playing. However, on the other side compared to the PC version the game has some limitation when it comes to graphics, controls, and overall experience. The gamers like me who have played COD, Fortnite, and PUBG on PC will feel the difference in PUBG Mobile. But, we can’t argue with that we don’t have a multiplayer mobile game that works so well. Besides, making it similar to the PC version would have taken the high hardware requirement in smartphones for the company.

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