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    RunGo – Voice Guided Running App Review

    Running is a standout amongst the best outdoor exercises that anybody can attempt and on the off chance that you have your cell phone, it can come extremely convenient to you. With various wellness trackers and other run tracker apps which help the runner in various ways, the central concern remains the individual wellbeing that gets tracked. But what about the track on which we need to run.

    The runners will, in general, pursue a similar course pretty much consistently when they tie up their shoes and this is on the grounds that we don’t know about the routes where we can run and for unwinding such issues, we have the best-run tracking app that can manage the runner turn-by-turn and can likewise recommend new routes to run.

    There are preset routes of some region, or one can make his own. The client can even make running routes on the guide to run. He simply needs to discover a spot from where he wishes to begin and the endpoint.

    Features of the RunGo app :

    • Collection of running routes
    • Progressive voice exploration
    • Route maker for making and planning own route
    • It also works offline
    • Record and track the runs
    • Records Time, distance, elevation, and calories
    • Voice feedback for distance and pace

    With so many excellent and useful features RunGo app is more effective for beginners.

    How is it Useful?

    Simply think how Google Maps help us while we are in a hurry and in the various city. listen to the guide route and guess what? you are at your stop in the blink of an eye. likewise, RunGo app, which is a virtual running accomplice will manage the user while directing voice route.

    It ends up being an ideal route organizer for the run and can spare you time by chalking out various routes ahead of time.

    other than this, RunGo app likewise offers a library of parks, best goal races, visits, and overall best runs. A significant number of the tracks accessible on the run tracker app may not be pertinent for every one of the clients since they may be a great many miles away; still, it can help individuals who may arrive up in an outside land.

    Know before using the RunGo app

    There are so many features which will help a runner in a lot many ways. Some of the features have been explained below,

    Speak stats: The user will make use of the speak stats feature on a time based mostly or distance based. The “Course Pace” choice can extend details like current average pace and also the time and estimated the distance to be covered.

    At that point, there is “Inspiration” which is stuffed into the run tracker app to urge the runner to finish the race by saying things like “you’re almost there.” After this, it’s the “Focal points” that is also included by the maker of RunGo, however, even the user can add in the event that he wishes to make another route in large.

    Turn By Turn Voice Navigation: during the run, the runner can set the stop at which the running app will stand up the turn remove like in 100m, 200m, or 400m. At that point, the client can likewise settle on an alternative in the run tracker app that will peruse out the road name for better comfort.

    Apple Watch users, the watch will vibrate when there is a fast-approaching turn. This component is being applauded by the specialists, as it will help individuals with a listening issue or the clients who have set their media volume at low.

    Connectivity between phone and watch: RunGo app has created special features for iPhone clients by coming up with a choice that will speak on reaching the stop on iPhone and watch also. For us, it doesn’t have the voice-guided route on two gadgets at once. The client can even set the declaration on anyone gadget.

    Auto-Pause Runs: This feature is available in many other run tracker apps. It recognizes the movement and keeping in mind that the runner is stationary, it stops recording. But in the RunGo app case, the element is very free and relaxed and doesn’t get initiated on a slender activity.

    Cost of the RunGo app

    The RunGo app is free to download and use from Google play store or Apple store. But if a user wants a premium pack than it may cost Rs. 180 per month and Rs. 907 per year.

    If the user buys premium pack than he can use additional advanced features like a GPX file export, can make own group of runners, search for verified routes, and also live to track. Apple Watch users can get some more extra features.


    So this was the full review of RunGo: Voice-Guided Running app hope you liked it, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it now and share your experience with us.

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