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    Pokémon Go has been one of the most successful apps the world has ever seen over the recent years. Imagine how crazy people must have been about this app that the policing authorities of multiple countries including the US and the UK had some serious concerns about their public and their safety due to the extensive use of this app by a majority of people even on the roads while walking and driving.

    One of the most important reasons for the success of the Pokémon Goapp was the fact that it already had a very strong fan base all over the world. But that cannot just be the only reason for its success. There are hundreds of other Japanese animes that have a fan following that’s equal to the fan following of Pokémon, if not more than that. So, having an enormous fan base wasn’t the only reason that is for sure. Another reason that I think also became the reason for the huge success of this app was the amazing use of the smartphone technology as well. The clever use of integrating the features of the game and making it an augmented reality mobile game which gives the players the feeling of actually being present in the Pokemon world was an idea that was basically missing from any other game that people had come across before. So, when an innovative idea like this came in to the market people loved it.

    Another amazing fact about why people love this app so much is the fact that they are using geolocation along with augmented reality which has given players a very near experience to a real life experience and a player actually has to move physically to find their virtual Pokemon. The feeling a player gets with the successful ability to become trainers in this virtual reality game is very much real.

    So, creating an app like Pokemon Go would be a very good idea as this is one of the most successful app ideas that has ever hit the market up till now. So if someone wants to make an app like Pokemon Go than you can follow these simple steps that can help you create an app like this one.

    Step # 1:Creating an app like Pokemon Go is not an easy task and it is not exactly something that you can achieve in low costs either. The fact that the app uses augmented reality is not something that most professionals are specialized in. Therefore the low number of app developers like that might be expensive. So, the first step would be for you to figure out the cost of the development of the mobile app like Pokemon Go. Other than the costing side the fact that it is a very time consuming process is also something that should be taken in to account because after all time is one of the most valuable resources this world has to offer. And more time consumption simply means more costs being incurred and literally getting increased. Therefore the first step would be to make a budget for your project and figure out how much costs and time will you take in getting your app ready. Its best to set goals as this will ensure the timely delivery of your tasks.

    Step # 2:The next step would be to develop your own augmented reality for your app. It might actually cost you to be expensive because as mentioned above it is a very time consuming and expensive job as there are not many developers who are capable of doing this.

    Step # 3:After you’re done with all the creation of the basic structure of augmented reality done you need to setup the basic structure of geolocation. This would be going hand in hand with your augmented reality as the app requires both these infrastructure to function properly and give the user experience which is similar to Pokemon Go.

    Step # 4:Now comes the part where you focus on the other features of the application. Basically designing a game app is very different from designing an app that focuses mainly on other things than entertainment. These features will also require you to setup the basic rules and principles that your game is based on and what you want your players to follow.

    Step # 5:Finally this is the last step where you are supposed to check the app for any bugs and glitches and make sure that the overall user experience and user interface of the game app is what your audience will like. With user experience the aspect of the app being user friendly also comes in to play. You would want to make an app for you audience that is user friendly and not that complicated to use.

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