• Tinder App Review – Is It The Best Dating App?

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    • Posted on 20th February 2019
    Tinder App Review – Is It The Best Dating App?
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    Who doesn’t want to feel love? This is the age of technology and we have forgotten how to talk to a human face to face. We need to connect to people as of large, and that is why a lot of apps have come up which ensure friendship and love. We have seen the coming of apps where people can hire their partners for various purposes. They can even opt for online dating – overall, the needs of people have been looked after with modern technological development.  People no longer want to rely on matrimonial apps because of the stranger policy there – people are more and more relying on apps that help you to find matches near you.

    The times of technology have advanced, and people now meet via apps. The millennial generation meets and loves to date, before settling in. The millennial belief in trial and error, rather than suddenly agreeing to something. Tinder as an application is a by-product of the same ideology. Tinder allows its subscribers to swipe through the profiles of eligible bachelors and spinsters who are looking for love, a causal relationship or marriage. The left swipe refers to rejection and the right refers to selection. Finding your mate on the digital platform has a different kind of thrill altogether. This became one of the most popular platforms to discover love.

    The Tinder Saves You From Your Boss As You Browse Profiles

    The Tinder website is also similar to that of the app, and it comes with a cover up for you. It has a fake work note that is attached to your screen while you browse eligible matches. If someone suddenly appears from behind you, you could simply keep the notes as a shield to protect your tinder activity. The simple requirement would be a Facebook account and a phone number. You need to put up the gender you would want to date, and finally, you update your profile, add six photos and write about yourself. Then you’re all set for the dating world.

    There are more versatile options for your match to know you better, you can link up your Instagram if you want to show more pictures, and let your potential partner know about your lifestyle. There is also another option for you to link up the Spotify account with your tinder account. This can help your potential match to know what music you are interested in.

    Tinder Searches And The Way They Work

    Of course, it is obvious that Tinder will depend on where you stay because it looks for eligible matches only 100 miles around your area. This app will use the phone’s location to look for people, and then you could select and make a choice amongst these. Most people believe that people on tinder are looking only for short term relationships, but statistics recorded speak otherwise. It is said that 80% of the users are looking for something more meaningful in their relationships via tinder. The app is thus for everyone – for those who are looking for something temporary, and for those who are on the lookout for their soul mate – it just depends on what the users want. If you seek, you shall find!

    Some Glitches That You Might Face When Operating Tinder

    The tinder conversation can be a little tough to maintain, especially because the messaging interface isn’t very smooth. There are no picture conversation provisions either, making it a little more incompetent. Tinder is free for all, but one can upgrade if one is looking for more features like more profile visibility, etc. The only disadvantage stands that there is no option for you to put up what you desire in your partner – so you have to rely completely on the profile bios. You can even deactivate your profile with ease if you feel uncomfortable ever.

    Ever since the app has been launched, this app took over the world by a storm, there have been 1.4 billion swipes a day, all over the globe. Tinder has been the major game changer when it comes to online dating. Definitely progressive and widely accepted by people of all ages, this one was a step towards modern dating scenes.

    How Tinder Works For You

    All you need to do is to open a Facebook profile and connect it to Tinder. Tinder doesn’t post on Facebook, so you don’t have to be flustered. If both you and the potential match hit right, then it is a swipe and a match, and you can send the other person a proper conversation started. If you are getting a swipe match, it is recommended that you immediately start a conversation, because chances are that you are viewing it after the other person. Start with some good lines and pick up from there, to find exactly what you are looking for.

    New Features

    Tinder has now included a GIF feature that helps you to communicate with the other person more graphically. A wonderful initiative, this helps to make chats better. Tinder boost is yet another version that has been launched, this allows more than 10 times profile views and if you buy more boosts, then your profile is shown right on top for 30 minutes.

    Tinder picks is yet another version that is available only on Tinder Gold. You will be constantly receiving top 10 picks for 24 hours. There is a one-word highlight attached to the pictures that are provided to you.

    Overall this app has helped a lot of people come together for coffee, dates, love or marriage. The app overall has a successful history of getting people to meet with each other. Fun to use, and absolutely simple, this app is the Cupid of the 21st century. The idea of viewing profiles simply sorted on the basis of age, interests, and location, this makes tinder one of the best dating apps of this century. Although a lot of people registered on Tinder are interested in hook-up cultures only, that doesn’t mean that the entire population registered feels that way – you can find your other half and your better half too if you are looking in the right places!


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