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    5 Benefits of Using Blockchain Technology For Mobile App Development

    5 benefits of using Blockchain Technology for mobile app development:


    Prediction says that Blockchain Technology will be more famous than that of any other technology that is here at present. This is one of the most widely used technologies too. The reasons for its popularity are simple – it can easily integrate very complex data and then encrypt this data into a simple mesh that will offer easy and safe online transactions. Of course when handling with data, one looks for safe and secure technologies, and this one will definitely be the choice of the majority.

    The giants of the industry also prefer Blockchain technology for their applications – we have Facebook, LG, and Microsoft who have taken up this technology too. Mobile development industries have also taken up this technology very rapidly because of the safe interface that it provides. With more people preferring this technology, there must be huge benefits that are involved with this. Below listed are some of the benefits of using Blockchain technology in mobile application development:

    The Security is Primarily Taken Care of

    For Blockchain the services are absolutely secure. It is one of the most advanced cryptography that is present in the market today. The design of the technology was to ensure full proof security to the people. This technology can handle more layers of encryption if the need be. With truckloads of data being exchanged these days, what better way to consolidate safety than to use this technology?

    The basic concept to this is simple – it is built up of building blocks, and this constitutes the majority of the safety that is provided by the technology. These blocks connected together provide for the much-desired security of the technology. The design is that each block holds the timestamp and the transaction data of the previous block. The entire data is encrypted by the cryptographic hash, which is a feature that makes the data inaccessible by just anyone. This is the most crucial step – we know of digital crimes being performed by altering data online, but with Blockchain, this is almost impossible. The encryption is absolutely sealed. The numbers of blocks are so many, that it is impossible to go through the process of decrypting and corrupting the data. This makes it impossible for the people who wish harm to penetrate.

    Reliability is the Key When Considering Blockchain

    With the present world having to deal with a tonne of data, we need a secure platform that has good encryption. With the rise of digital thefts, there is more need to build something concrete that doesn’t allow data theft of any kind. This kind of security is tough to build, but not impossible. With Blockchain technology, this has been achieved successfully. This high level of security makes the application very reliable and can’t be tampered with. The entire existence of this technology stems from building it on a safe and secure platform – and incorporating the Byzantine fault tolerance. The fact that the technology is so dispersed makes it more difficult to penetrate, leading it to be a stable application. The data is stored in multiple locations making it impossible to take in unauthorized access. This enhances the entire process of data security, making it a great platform to incorporate in mobile application building.

    It is unlikely that multiple data centers will be attacked at the same time, thus there’s a full chance that nothing will go wrong with the data. This makes it extremely reliable, dependable, and safe for any kind of data storing or exchange.

    A Simple Platform Makes Using it an Advantage

    It is always a boon when we have a simple system to deal with. The number of complexities increases the chances of less number of people using it. In comparison to most other programs, Blockchain is the simplest – the other existing software is extremely difficult to use. It would be very difficult to incorporate the data into mobile applications using other software, as compared to Blockchain.  It is obvious that when other technologies are complex, they would need more amount of funds which would be related to maintenance and other issues. In a gist, handling other technologies would be crippling – both financially and technically. It is only but obvious that the Blockchain will be famous because of these advantages.

    Constant Development Keeps it Going

    There is constant development that is keeping up Blockchain updated. The technology is running at a rapid pace, because of the constant updates and progress. The technology that was used to build Blockchain was an open source, which means that one could play around with the basic codes. One could even share the advancements and the progress that others have gone through this application, because of the open source coding. There can be a significant cut off cost here – there might not be a need of a developer team.

    At a Stage of Nascent Life

    The best news is all of this goodness is still in an infant stage. There’s the immense potential that can be drilled out of this. There will be some huge leaps and innovations in this field too. A lot of developers would want to integrate this into their systems and ensure more growth. There are more than enough possibilities that this would lead to the development of some absolutely safe and secure applications that would control the digital world.

    The fact that this technology is already being used widely by so many developers proves that there’s more to come in this field. The best technology for your mobile applications, the pros crosses the cons making it one of the most reliable systems. It is only advisable for the developers to take their time and study further about the technology before walking into the system. The distributed architecture is its distinct feature, this one has a long way to go.

    There is more hope to secured data transactions with Blockchain since none can tamper with the data without the approval of the majority users; hence the condition of overriding is almost zero. It is impossible for an insider or outsider to change the values – thus a complete security system for data handling and exchange.

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