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    5 Best Bitcoin Wallets To Keep Your Digital Assets Safe

    Bitcoins, the digital asset that awestruck the world earlier this has come to the mainstream in the industry. The cryptocurrency which did not exist for most of us since last year became the worldwide sensation when it crossed $19000 December after that most of the people started investing in the bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The industries and market are actively working on this digital asset which makes it an excellent opportunity for the investors. If you are among those who are planning to buy bitcoins or already own it, then you must know some dark aspects of it.

    The private key is the only way to claim your bitcoins, so it requires the maximum safety. Where do you keep your bitcoins? If your answer includes, the platforms like Bitfinex, or CNX, then you are at great risk. These coins require a highly secure Bitcoin wallet to store them safely.  These Bitcoin wallets are digitally secured for your cryptocurrency to keep them away from any possible risk. Besides, to seamlessly buy, hold and sell the bitcoins you need these wallets.

    Here are top 5 Bitcoin wallets to store and transfer the cryptocurrency securely.


    In our today’s listing, Coinbase holds the first spot due to its popularity and usability. Coinbase is an online platform for the Bitcoin holders that works as a separate Bitcoin digital wallet. The platform conveniently gets connected to any US Bank account and allows the money transfer. This means you can directly load the dollars into your wallet and convert them into bitcoins. Coinbase supports different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and few more. Besides, the platform also offers the unbeatable security against any possible harm to your bitcoins.


    If you don’t prefer or trust the online portals with your bitcoins then here is the hardware wallet. KeepKay offers the hardware digital wallet that keeps your bitcoins safe from hackers. The device is a cool looking piece of material that comes with a premium design. You can easily transfer your bitcoins to the device and keep them out of the internet until you want to make a transfer.


    Trezor is another hardware device that acts as a digital bitcoin wallet offering safety and secured storage. The device works like a pen drive, and it gets connected to the computer, tablet or smartphones. Once Trezor is connected to the device, you can easily transfer the bitcoins from other portals to it. However, the wallet does not support the buying or selling of the bitcoins. Trezor comes with a two-factor authentication that ensures double safety of the bitcoins. Besides, Trezor can also be used as a password manager to store all the confidential pieces of information.


    Blockchain.info is also an online platform that makes it possible to store bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies without any worry. The platform works similar to the Coinbase but doesn’t offer the selling, buying or any bitcoin transactions. The best part of the platform is that it allows you to store almost all the cryptocurrencies. Besides, there is no bitcoin transaction facility, which makes the wallet even more secure than Coinbase.


    If you want something else apart from the hardware device or online portal, then Electrum is the answer for you. The digital wallet comes as software that can be installed on any supportable device. Electrum is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. You need to install the software on your device, and you can transfer all your bitcoins to Electrum. Once you lock your bitcoins to the software, it will shield them with multi-layer security.

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