• How Blockchain Impacts Mobile App Development?

    • Amy
    • Posted on 23rd January 2019
    How Blockchain Impacts Mobile App Development

    Blockchain through a new term has flared across the globe and also witnessed immense attention. Irrespective of the sector you are considering, Blockchain has laid impact on all. Right from education to healthcare, technology to banking, Blockchain is the talk of the nation today.

    Before we head towards the incredible impact of blockchain in the mobile app development, let’s have a quick recap as to what is actually this blockchain technology.

    An online portal that helps draft distributed ledger acting as a storage place for all the transactions happening within a network, Blockchain has totally disrupted the entire nation trends. An excellent advantage of using Blockchain for data storage is the fact that once a record has been entered in the ledger, it cannot be modified further. Cryptographic links are used to affirm the same. Another aspect accounting for the popularity of Blockchain technology is the transparency maintained by the same. Eliminating the need for a middleman, transactions taking place within the network is visible to all.

    So, you see how effective is this technology. How does the same disrupt other industries are worth noticing and a quick recap of the basic features of Blockchain technology would support our work.

    Key Features Of Blockchain Technology Aiding Mobile App Development

    Blockchain Helps Incorporating A Digital Ledger System

    When you first hear the term Blockchain, the next thing that pops in your mind is cryptocurrency. Though it might sound easier being a digital ledger yet there is a lot more than just being a ledger. The blockchain is undeniably a pool of ledger data as stored and parsed by a comprehensive computer network. Inducing a smaller change in data while adding a record of accounts incorporates a change in the entire system and all in the network gets notified. In layman’s term, whenever a change is made in the document, the same gets modified in all system that owns a copy of the document, readjusting all values.

    Incorporating such a systematic approach in mobile apps would turn tables down. Almost all systems include both a client and server so keeping blockchain as the server side and adding a pool of data to the same streamlines the entire process. A plentitude of mobile users aid wireless data but that is less secured and so in such a case Blockchain technology would be the more advanced way of storing data enabling a range of data to be streamed.

    Induces Transparency & A Secured Surrounding

    Blockchain has the feature that enables data tracking as well as sharing. So no one can put up fake data. No matter where the changes are made, it gets reflected in the system of all. Falsification is a big no in case of mobile apps having Blockchain technology. Adding all in the ledger turns the same visible to all thereby offering transparency. Also, the way data is segmented and categorized is verified as well as secured. Additional data leads to the expansion of the blockchain. Having a mobile app that incorporates the feature of Blockchain, it provides a balanced and robust system.

    Secured Information With Dual Access

    No doubt that the Blockchain Technology provides access if data to more than one use but since the same has been encrypted, getting into the system without having the knowledge of the decryption key seems impossible. Owing to such a secured environment, mobile app developer now seeks Incorporating the same advancing their base features and gaining user trust in terms of security. Considering the case where a single document requires multiple signatures for approval. Though the data is confidential yet accessed by many. So in order to prevent unauthorized access of data, Blockchain technology can be used and the key is given only to the concerned participants for decryption. This is in a way eliminates the need of communication and at the same time ensures maximum privacy.

    So, if you are a mobile app development company and looking out for ways to add technology-oriented features in your app and rise, then considering Blockchain would work wonders for you. Right from transparency to robust and secured data sharing mechanism, Blockchain technology ensures that their encryption standard maps with the security requirements of the industry.



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