• Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Invest Right Now


    Cryptocurrencies have done a great job in 2017 that grasped the attention of everyone in the industry. When Bitcoin prices exponentially peaked last year everyone came to know about this digital asset. Since then more and more investors are keep coming towards this asset and trying their luck. Fortunately, the cryptocurrencies are keep doing well, and according to the experts, there it will be breaking records further in the future. So, if you are one of the smart investors looking for a guide to invest in the best cryptocurrencies, then you have landed on the right page.

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still unclear to many of us, and I understand how hard it is to make the decision for the beginners. That’s why I have to dig up the best 5 cryptocurrencies that you can opt to for investing your money. So, without wasting any time let’s go through these performing cryptocurrencies.

    1. Litecoin (LTC)

    The popular cryptocurrencies is developed by a former Google engineer and MIT graduate. LTC is also referred to as the silver to bitcoin’s gold. The cryptocurrency is similar to the bitcoin in many ways and offers many benefits. LTC works on the open network that doesn’t have a central authority and proves to be more secure against the hackers. Besides, it has the faster block generation rate like bitcoin that results in a faster transaction. LTC is performing very well so it will be an excellent step to invest in LTC for getting profit in the future.

    2. Ethereum(ETH)

    Ethereum is the decentralized platforms that were launched back in 2015 and allows Smart Contracts along with the Distributed Applications. The best part of using the Ethereum is that it offers the network that does not work under any centralized authority and offers a fraud-free environment. The platform uses its own developed cryptocurrency that can be used to make a transaction in the system. Most of the investors are moving towards Ethereum due to its growing popularity and secured investment benefits.

    3. Zcash(ZEC)

    According to Zcash, if bitcoin is the https for the new generation, then Zcash is the https. The cryptocurrencies came into existence 2016 and grown so fast in terms of the users across the globe. Similar to https Zcash serves extra security against bitcoins, the extra layer of security ensures the most convenient transactions to the users. The cryptocurrency provides the transparency across all the records consisting of transactions, receipts, names, and every related information. Along with this Zcash also offers a shield to the users that encrypt the transaction into advanced cryptography to save it from any attack.

    4. Dash

    Dash the cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014 is also known as the dark coin. Dash us consider as the dark version of the bitcoin that makes the transactions more anonymous. Dash makes the path of the transaction untraceable and results in the most secretive coin in the blockchain system. The more secretive service of the cryptocurrency makes it perfect for the investor who does not want to reveal their identity. Dash coin is perfect for the new investors looking a way to secure their money at a profitable place.

    5. NEO

    NEO that was initially known as the AntShare is among the fastest growing cryptocurrencies across the globe. NEO was launched in 2014 and also named as the Chinese Ethereum as it offers the Smart Contracts. Along with this, the cryptocurrency starts experiencing the growth in 2017, and it will inevitably rise in 2019. Now, NEO has become the cryptocurrency that holds the attention of the global investors. This makes it one of the most profitable options for you if you plan to put some money in this business.


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