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    6 Creative Ways To Promote Your App For Free

    Who said you needed to shell out money to get your app listed at the top of the app store?


    After having completed an amazing app with the most appealing mobile UI design and having spent endless hours paying attention to detail, most businesses aren’t seeing the result they anticipated. They’re rewarded with merely a dozen downloads. This leads them to think that they’re lagging behind in terms of the content and start struggling with self-doubts. However, the fact is that the app isn’t seeing as much traffic majorly because it hasn’t been marketed right.


    To ensure that your app becomes the talk of the town, you need to come up with strong mobile app marketing strategies – free or paid. While it might seem to you that paid marketing campaigns might act better, you should know that it is not always necessary to spend truckloads of money into an activity which might as well be done for free. 


    Take a look below at the simple ways in which mobile apps can be given the publicity that they deserve.


    1. App Store Optimization (ASO)


    This is easy. It may take a lot of time to reach the top apps, but this is one unique way to definitely climb to the top. Simply ask users to write a good review and rate your app after they have completed a task. This will make your app trending and people will naturally start downloading it. Even the respective app store will recommend you.

    For a stronger ASO, conduct thorough keyword research and look into the most used keywords that are related to your app. Use these words to write a refined article. Add in some screenshots from your application and use a good video to demonstrate everything. This is how you can quickly reach the top.

    2. Create a Dedicated Website


    The Google Play Store and Apple App store limit the description of your app and you may find it difficult to explain the utility and features in a few words. To avoid the fuss, leave a short description in the app store and get a dedicated website developed for your app.


    Explain even the minutest details on the website, as you can afford to expand and elaborate as much as you can. If people are looking for more information on your app, they will directly access your website and learn more about the app. You can even add a website link to the app store. Look for a web development company that you can rely on and explain your requirements to them.

    3. Leverage the Power of Social Media


    These days, social media can do miracles. There are a thousand things that your app can do when you publicize it on Twitter. It aims to link all the people of the world, irrespective of their strata. Use Twitter cards in your blog and this would increase the number of your blog readers. You could even use Twitter promotions to increase the number of reads and downloads.

    Similarly, use Facebook to expand your app’s reach. Create a business page and use it to reach more people. Effective, smart, and quick, Facebook marketing is a weapon that no one in the marketing industry should miss out on. There are 1.8 billion active users of Facebook and the number keeps growing. Just have sufficient and engaging content for the world to witness.

    4. Use a Blog to Promote the App


    Your app needs some good content related to it and blogging is a penniless way to spread the word. This is one of the best techniques to promote good content and bring in significant returns. Write an SEO enriched blog for better results. You will see significant returns, downloads, more reviews, clicks, and organic engagement. 


    Another great strategy that you could implement is to encourage guest blogging. This will incorporate other people into your app ecosystem – user reviews are always taken seriously, and your app gets an instant boost in the number of downloads.

    5. Get Your Hands on Email Marketing


    Use gated content to extract out email addresses of interested customers. This will streamline the exact number of people you will need for the application. Now start sending them emails to promote your app and take things forward. Reach out to them regularly and communicate with them. Use email communication to keep things alive and going.

    6. Submit Your App to Review Sites


    The greater the number of reviews, the more will people start liking it. Getting an app reviewed by a third party website makes it more interesting and detailed. Your app will automatically gain more exposure with a greater number of people having access to it. The moment people believing that your app is of superior quality, there’s no looking back. Word of mouth spreads and your app gets popular. 


    These are the top marketing strategies that you can use to promote your app for free. But with your app’s success, do not stop implementing these techniques. Keep uploading more articles and engaging content to keep them coming back to your app. And as always, thanks for reading! Stay tuned with AppMystery for more app marketing ideas.

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