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    Top Features To consider During Android App Development

    Android has 76.3% global shares. This makes it the most preferred app development platform. But then, how will you make your app stand out?

    Top Features To consider During Android App Development

    In this competitive mobile app world, it is the functionalities that distinguish your app from others. Android applications are single-handedly leading the industry due to their device availability and other benefits. If we look at the numbers, almost 76.3 percent of global shares are individually owned by the Android. Whether it is eCommerce, chatting, banking, or gaming apps, Android comes as the first priority for developers and owners alike. The user base is so vast that an Android app can reach millions of users in no time.


    Talking geographically, Android rules Asia, a significant part of Europe, and South America. This gives rise to fierce competition in the market, where most of the newly introduced apps don’t see the light of success. Only a few mobile apps with unique features make it to the end and get noticed by the users. This puts immense pressure on app developers who need to equip their app with irresistible features during the app development process.


    According to a survey, most users stay on one app or return to it because of its features. So, Android app developers have to make sure that they integrate some unique, yet useful features to the app for its users.


    Take a look!


    • Simple and Convenient Onboarding


    Simple and Convenient Onboarding


    This is the very first thing that every developer should care about as it is the face of the app. The first impression indeed is the last impression. Today, no one has the time and patience to fill long sign-up forms and give you the details just to access your app. Long registration forms could irritate the users and they will abandon the app. So, you need to integrate a convenient onboarding process to engage customers and retain the existing ones. Try to keep the process short and simple. Moreover, try to add social media sign-in options. Adding the options that allow users to access the app using their social media profiles like Instagram or Facebook makes users happy.


    • Space for User Feedback


    Space for User Feedback


    This might seem strange to you, but it really works to make a user feel valued and turn them into a loyal customer. Every app has some flaws that may differ from one user to another and you need to know each one of them. Sometimes, you might also get a valuable opinion from any user that could take it to new heights. Try to add some space for user reviews, so you can know what they think about your app. Use tips to increase the number of app reviews. In case of any issue or flaw, suggest them to discuss it with you via reviews and start working on those issues immediately.


    • Social Media Integration


    Social Media Integration


    Social media is the most powerful tool that you can use to keep users interested in your app. Adding social media tools or options will make users interact with your app more. You can add the social sharing plugins to the app so the user can share the content from your app directly to their beloved social media platforms. This will bring you a vast exposure to the millions of potential users.


    • High Load Speed


    One of the primary reasons for abandoning an app is its slow loading speed. Your app needs to be lightning-fast whenever a user wants to interact with it; otherwise, it will be discarded. While developing an Android app, you need to make sure that all codes and developed app pages support quick loading. App loading plays a very important role when it comes to attracting a large number of users.


    • Multiple Language Support


    Multiple Language Support


    The other feature that will make your app stand out from the crowd in the mobile app industry is the support for different languages. You need to make your app available in different languages so you can penetrate a vast number of users. Remember that the selection of the languages should depend upon your target audience and regions where you want to make your app available.


    Final Thoughts


    Apart from all these features, it is also important that your app has an impressive UI and UX to attract people to download your app. Once out and about, make sure you keep bringing out new updates to lure users into engaging with your app even more. Also, avoid integrating too many things at once, lest it should overwhelm your users. Stay tuned with AppMystery for more.

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