• Mobile App Development Trends To Look Out In 2019


    This is nothing surprising that mobile apps are reshaping our world with its several benefits. Almost for everything we have mobile apps, whether it’s ordering food, looking for a cab or searching for the best doctor nearby. What made mobile app technology this much influential is the continuous evolution of the industry with the time. In 2018 we experienced so much innovation that opened the door to new opportunities. According to the industry experts and researchers, the mobile app industry will lead all the global market in the coming years with billion dollar revenue.

    Now, as 2018 is about to over, we have dug up the upcoming mobile trends that will take over in 2019. For every startup company directly or indirectly related to the mobile app industry, it is necessary to keep itself updated with forthcoming trends. Unveil these upcoming trends in 2019 that you can integrate them to your app and services rule 2019.

    1. AI with the Power of Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence or AI is nothing new, but in recent years it has gathered the attention of everyone. The companies like Google and Microsoft are consistently working on AI application to get it into the mainstream. But, the mobile app industry has already integrated the technology in most of its services. Machine learning and AI integration to mobile apps have resulted in some of the most significant products. The market analysis suggests that by the end of the 2020 AI will generate $40 billion in revenue.

    The apps like Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri are already using the AI for serving out of the box functionalities. But, next year things will go to another level as companies are working on the products that will unleash the real potential of AI and machine learning.


    2. IOT or Internet Of Things

    After AI if there is another technology that is getting into the people’s lives is the IOT. This technology aims to make the life of people much more natural and comfortable. With the help of IoT, we get an environment where different devices and home appliances get connected to each other, and we can control them single-handedly. The IoT environment makes your day-to-day life much more convenient by giving you the power to control all the device from a single place. For example, smart devices like TV, security gadgets and other stuff can be controlled by your mobile phone. But in 2019, the technology will be available to more number of people as it is being accepted by more device manufactures.

    3. Wearables

    First, it was the smartphone that changed the world and shifted the people interest to smaller screens. Now, the wearables are doing the somewhat same thing to revolutionize the world once again. From smartwatches to the fitness trackers every wearable device got a great response from the users. According to Statista the revenue generated by the sale of wearables devices will be $33.7 billion by the end of 2020. The quick access to the applications and additional benefits like health tracking the wearables have become a must-have device.

    Besides, the devices like Apple Watch holds vital importance among tech geeks. But, next year this industry will experience exponential growth in the number of products and sale also, so you need to plan this trend accordingly.

    4. Instant Apps

    Last year Google announced about the Android instant apps and finally launched it this year. Instant apps are the apps that users can access in the Google Play Store without even downloading them. A limited part of the app is accessible by the users in the store so they can access the app without the need of downloading it first. This way the app owners can show the users what they actually have to offer. The Instant app approach is essential as the users will tend to go for the app offering Instant app access rather than the app showing only screenshot and description.

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