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    10 Must-Have Apps For Your iPad and iPhone

    New Apple device? Do justice to its specifications by using it for various purposes with the help of top iOS apps.

    Must Have Apps For The iPad and iPhone


    Tables and smartphones are nothing without the right selection of apps that can make life easier and more organized. Thanks to the huge number of apps on the App Store, choosing what would suit you best can get much simpler. However, this huge number could lead to you losing sight of the best apps for iPhone or iPad. 


    This is why we’ve curated this list of the most important apps for iPhone or iPad. Since you can’t go through each app’s reviews and ratings, we’ve done the time-consuming task for you and listed the best of the best. Find out what you like and let us know in the comments if you have any more suggestions.


    Apps for iPad


    When you can’t carry your laptop everywhere, yet need a heavier device with a large screen, iPad comes to the rescue. All business-related tasks can be completed on an iPad with the right set of apps.

    1. Paper by WeTransfer



    This is a free app and will be more beneficial for iPad users as those have larger screens. Paper will help you sketch out drawings and create visual notes and diagrams. This could also be shared with other co-workers in the format of PowerPoint presentations or keynotes. Other than this, you could also check out other apps for 3D design and sketching.

    Download Paper.

    2. Magisto Video Editor



    This is the most compatible with the iPad and is suitable for creating video montages. This could be business-related or even combined with lifestyle. Absolutely flexible to use, predictive and intuitive in nature, this is a must-have app for those who love the art of video-making.

    Download Magisto.

    3. Redshift – Astronomy



    This is one hobby app if you love stars. This one helps you identify any celestial bodies up in the sky. All you need to do is simply point it to the sky. All the stars, planets, or celestial bodies that you are pointing at will be duly named, identified, and all information will be provided. Any satellites or space crafts nearby are also identified. Truly marvelous, this one is a must-have for those who have an undying love for outer space.

    Download Redshift.

    4. Keynote



    This is the customized iPad application for building unique presentations. Absolutely magnificent in functions, this is as business-like as it gets. There are animated charts and transitions that you won’t get in any other presentation software. It is engaging, absorptive, and definitely powerful.

    Download Keynote.

    5. uMake



    This one is a bonus for those who wish to create 3D images. Usually, a 3D image takes a thousand dollars to create, but with this app, you can get it all for free. Enhance all your 2D images and get make them realistic with 3D effects. You needn’t even worry – this one comes with tutorials also. There’s even a Pro version where you can deal with huge amounts of files.

    Download uMake.

    Apps for iPhone


    Sometimes, the iPad can be a little inconvenient to carry around, so the iPhone comes in handy. iPhones come with swift functions and quick operations. With the most utilitarian apps, you can carry out a number of tasks on your iPhone.

    1. BillGuard



    Who doesn’t like to save money? But money always seems to slip away. BillGuard goes a step forward and helps you to keep a check on your money flow. No more unnecessary wastage of your money, because this app monitors everything you do.

    Download BillGuard.

    2. Dashlane



    A great shopper? Love online transactions? This is just the application for you and your shopping sprees. This one automatically saves the payment confirmation and passwords for all websites to let you shop hassle-free. The most important advantage of using this app is that it saves all your receipts and organizes them. The initial version is free, but you might have to move to Pro if you are dealing with a lot of sites on a regular basis.

    Download Dashlane.

    3. Zillow



    Buying a house is tough and finding one is tougher. You could easily find yourself a house with this free application. Let’s face it, real estate is a difficult ball game. You would need known players to help you out in this misery. This application can find out any property that interests you and helps you in your home pursuit. You can buy property, rent property – you needn’t dig out a thousand websites to finalize one site. It comes under one roof. It helps you to finalize the search and then gives you the final contact numbers.

    Download Zillow.

    4. Fooducate


    This one is for fitness freaks who would want to keep a check on their health. This is definitely not recommended for foodies. This is strictly for those who count calories. You could simply scan the barcode and discover how many calories a particular food item has. It will even tell you the grade of the food item. The app also shows you controversial ingredients in the food.

    Download Fooducate.

    5. SleepCycle



    For those who maintain strict schedules of waking up and sleeping, this application is a blessing. This is the ultimate alarm clock, and it helps you organize the hours of your wake and sleep. The application measures how much of sleep you got, how far was your R.E.M, how well you have rested, and rings accordingly. Absolutely intuitive and powerful, this one is a dream catcher!   

    Download SleepCycle.


    iPad and iPhone make our life easier and our existence more bearable. However, if you really want to use these amazing devices to their full potential, you would need to download these apps. And as always, stay tuned with AppMystery for more.

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