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    Top 6 Apps That Every Entrepreneur Should Have

    Out of 80% of the businesses started in 2014, only 56% could make it through till the end of 2018. Why? Stress, failure, revenue! Turns out, they probably weren’t using these apps.


    The life of an entrepreneur is filled with difficulties. There would be a lot of hurdles that would come on a regular basis. Some of them would be efficient networking, good time management skills, work overload, clearance of dues and debts, new investment schemes to study, government rules and regulations that need to be thoroughly studied, and more. Apart from knowing what to do before you start your new business, all of this has to be compulsorily done on a regular basis to avoid falling behind.


    This evokes the need for top mobile apps to help him build bridges with other people. For the successful running of the business, the support of more than one mobile app would be required. All mobile app development companies use these apps as references and all entrepreneurs love them. As easy it may sound when listed, to hunt for these apps and then put them to use would be difficult. We have a compilation of these perfect apps for all entrepreneurs.


    • Slack




    An excellent platform to use for all busy bees out there, this is a smooth connectivity platform, where all teams can be sub-grouped, people can be thoroughly informed of what’s going on, and the functions of the organization can be well defined. 


    You may be traveling afar to some land, but you would need to be in touch with your team. WhatsApp will quite fail here and so will Facebook. There can’t be a better and more professional interface than Slack. You could exchange anything – links, ideas, and documents. It is an amalgamation of e-mail, instant messaging and file-sharing apps, which makes it so comfortable to use for all work purposes. 


    All conversations are stacked beautifully, making chats traceable to later be used as minutes of meetings (MOMs). You could even pin some files and content and refer to them later whenever you need them.


    Slack has the advantage of syncing with your applications. So if you have to be on the go, you could tap into your phone and check it out. 


    Download for Android and iOS.



    • Citymapper




    Unfamiliar territory is quite a nerve scare for anyone. It is more than uncomfortable if you are lost in the new city where you are traveling. Unknown cities with strange languages can make it even further difficult for you. Only a local guide can help you navigate properly in such circumstances – but then again remains the question of being cheated.


    Worry not because the Citymapper is here. It gives inside information about every city. Just the tricks you need to pick up local cheap vendors, routes and directions, the cost, estimated times, and more. You would be technically never late for another meeting, even if in the remotest corner of the world.


    Download for Android and iOS.



    • Pocket




    Ever struck a brilliant idea while scrolling through Facebook? Or read through an amazing article that made you want to research it further, but then lost all references to it? Ideas come to the brain in a fraction, and it is then and there that we need to save them. Well, Pocket does exactly that for you. 


    Thought of a new mobile app idea? Use Pocket to note it down! While scrolling through social media sites, you could easily save an article or a post, come back to it later using Pocket. Pocket has integration with 1500 applications, so you could imagine the versatility of the application! It is a simple and intuitive app for use.


    Download for Android and iOS.



    • Charlie




    Businesses constitute meeting new people on a regular basis. It could be an elevator pitch or even a long conference. It helps to enhance the business as a whole. Charlie is the new Google – only that it is specific to people. Type in the person’s name and you could know all about the man’s career, history, and every other information that could be vital to you. This could also help you find a VC for your startup.


    Charlie’s access stretches far into the horizon of knowing what’s happening in their companies to how many mutual funds they have. A truly indispensable app for marketing people – Charlie has a lot of benefits lined up.


    Download for Android and iOS.



    • Hemingway




    Writing is an art. In businesses, you may need to communicate your ideas fairly well. If communication via writing is foggy, it is automatically assumed that it is the work of an amateur. A true piece of good writing goes a long way and this is where Hemingway steps in. Named after the famous author, Ernest Hemingway, this app can create wonderful pieces of work, even when your mind stays clouded.


    Download for Android and iOS.



    • TripIt




    With a business in hand, you might have to travel extensively, have meetings everywhere, and deal with a tough schedule and more. Next time when you are juggling clients and meetings, never miss the schedule with the help of TripIt. 


    Your travel itinerary hard-wired into this application, this one will monitor all your flights, trains, cruises, hotels, and directions. Simply drop in a mail at their site and they will do the rest for you. No internet connection? Your data is available offline too!


    Download for Android and iOS.


    Final Thoughts


    Discover the joy of traveling with these top mobile applications. These will no doubt make your business smooth, high end, easy and convenient. Check these apps on the go and make your life simpler and easier on many levels. Let them handle the data for you, while you decide on important business dictions. Explore these applications and feel the ease and the comfort of being in a digital world. After all, being a successful entrepreneur is a great deal of hard work and little laid back technology can help!

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