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    Top 5 Dating Apps To End Your Search For Love

    Do you believe in love at first sight? If no then we have some of the best dating apps of 2018 for you. Some of the people may tell you that dating apps suck, but still these apps are at the boom. Whether people are looking for their soul partner or causal relationship, the dating apps are the hottest place to try. However, the trend has given birth to a plethora of apps in the market which makes it difficult to know which one actually works.

    We have handpicked the best 5 dating apps that are currently being used by millions of people across the globe.  Some of these apps have great accessibility while other offers unique features. Let us go through these top dating apps that could help you in catching the Cupid’s arrow at the right place.


    Bumble is much like Tinder, the dating app brings the single people together and gets them a chance to find the perfect partner. However, there a few differences that make Bumble less irritating for female users. The catch is that when two people get a match, only the female user can message the first to start the conversation. Besides, the female user has 24 hours to reply, or the connection will disappear. This makes the dating platform much more comfortable for the females by eliminating the possibility of getting unpleasant messages.


    There is no need to tell you that Tinder rules the dating app industry with its saturated process and amazing features. Tinder would be the first choice for anyone looking for a dating app as it comes with ideal options and fast matchmaking practice. Once you successfully made your profile on the app and set your preferences, you will start getting the nearby suggestions. To skip the suggestion, you need swipe left or swipe right to hit like and show your interest. If the person on the other side also liked your profile, then it will connect them, and both of you can start chatting. Besides, the app offers a premium subscription that gives access to additional features like unlimited suggestions, scheduling date in other cities and much more.


    It is another dating app that is known globally and slowly acquiring a more significant user count. Along with this OKCupid is among the very few dating apps that don’t allow to login via your Facebook profile; instead, it asks you to fill a long profile page. The app requires you to answer a list of questions, and it calculates a percentile on the basis of them. Considering the score, the app suggests some connection for you to either swipe left or right like Tinder. Besides, there is a ‘match’ button, clicking that will show you some of the profiles that could possibly become your match and you can either like or text them.


    Hinge is very much similar to Tinder but only with few key differences. Talking about the user interface you will find  Hinge a lighter version of Tinder that asks you to swipe left or right. The app finds your profiles with the help of your friends’ connection, that means you get to see the friends of friends’ profiles as suggestions. Hinge not only find you the people just on the basis of common friends but also consider the common interests. The apps ask you to answer the number of question to know about you like Tinder. Using the profile information and your friend’s circle, it brings you the compatible choices.

    5. Match.com

    Match.com is the oldest dating service among all; however, the company launched its app later. The dating platform comes with a straightforward user interface and offers a wide range of user base. Fortunately, you don’t need to use your Facebook profile to sign up, and there is a separate profile creation page where you need to answer some questions and add images. There is an option for a wink to flirt with others, and you can search the profiles in the app to wink on them. Besides, the app also suggests personalized profiles for a capable match. The app also comes with a premium subscription that offers additional features to the users.

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