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    Top 5 Grocery List Apps for Android and iOS Users

    So many items to remember and so many distractions in the supermarket. Escape? Grocery list-making apps!

    Grocery list apps for android

    In recent years, smartphones, or more specifically, mobile app technology has changed the world. From tasks like food ordering, cab booking to simple day-to-day activities, all are dependent on this palm-sized device. With, 6,140 mobile apps released every day on Google Play Store, there is no shortage of apps when it comes to everyday activities. The recently introduced grocery lists apps are the most recent addition in the mobile app world. Now, you don’t have to carry a redundant paper list to every store for grocery shopping.


    The following grocery list apps offer a variety of features to make shopping much more comfortable and fun. Check out the top grocery listing apps for your convenience.


    1. Google Keep


    Google Keep


    Google Keep is the best note-taking app available for your grocery shopping in the Google Play Store. The app lets you create the notes using additional features like adding attachments and much more. You can also make location notes in Google Keep. This feature is barely available in other grocery list apps. 


    The UI of the app is impressive; you will get used to it instantly without any trouble. Besides, the app also gets synchronized with other Google apps like Calendar, Gmail, and Google Assistant. The Google ecosystem helps the app provide much more efficient assistance, like suggesting contacts from Gmail or getting reminders for meetings via Calendar.

    Download for Android and iOS.


    2. Out Of Milk


    Out Of Milk


    This is another grocery list-making app that is popular among users. The app is known for its attractive user interface and design features that turn list-making an exciting activity. You can easily create different types of grocery lists. The app also allows you to share lists with family and friends, so they can also view it. The grocery list app is available in the Google App Store for free. Besides, there are some small tricks and additional features that offer a convenient paperless grocery shopping experience.


    Download for Android and iOS.


    3. Shopping List


    Shopping List


    This one is our personal favorite as it requires absolutely no effort to make a list. The app comes with a basic design pattern and grocery list-making features. You get the option to make a list with categories where you can add items and delete them once you’ve bought them. Besides, there are also some helpful features like auto-correct, suggestions, drag and drop options, offline support, and much more. Along with this, you don’t even need to sign up or provide any email ID to start using the app. Just open it and start making your grocery list by adding items.


    Download for Android.


    4. OurGroceries




    OurGroceries is the most simple and easy-to-understand app, which is the most important factor when it comes to downloading an app. You can add items on the basis of different lists and categories. While adding an item, you need to mention the list in which it should go along with its category. The added item will then directly fall into that list and category. Besides, the app is straightforward and offers basic features that prove to be very handy.


    Download for Android and iOS.


    5. Todoist




    Todoist is one of the advanced list-making apps for people looking to make a digital grocery list. With the help of this app, users can add up to 80 tasks and further divide them into subtasks that can be shared with a maximum of five people. The free version of the app comes with features like auto-backups, reminders, and labels, whereas, the premium version offers additional features for professionals. Todoist is a powerful and much more advanced grocery list app that you can use on your Android smartphone.


    Download for Android and iOS.


    Try these apps and let us know in the comments below which one you liked the best. Surely your life must have gotten much easier! Don’t forget to subscribe to AppMystery for your daily dose of information.

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