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    What is Google Santa Tracker? Know Everything

    what is Santa tracker ?

    We are just a few days away from Christmas, and it’s getting chilled out here like every year. White and red colors keep cheering us by conveying that the biggest festival of the year is here. I am pretty sure you must have started your Christmas shopping and preparing for the eve. Whether it is kids or adults, everyone waits for Santa and want their gifts to be delivered every year. If you want to try something different and have fun this year, then I have an interesting option for you.

    Google Santa Tracker, yes every year the search engine enables a website dedicated to the festival. Google Santa Tracker is a virtual tracker for knowing the real-time position of Santa at the time of new year eve. The company started the tracker for the users to enjoy and feel the presence of Santa using the technology.

    What is Google Santa Tracker?

    Kids love Santa, and they want to see how their Christmas hero comes and deliver the gifts around the globe. To make it real for them, there is a virtual tracker on the website that tracks the Santa’s location in real time. Google Santa Tracker shows his real-time movement on midnight of Christmas Eve. However, the original idea of this tracker belongs to Google rival NORAD Santa Tracker that was launched back in 1995.

    In 2004, the tech giant noticed the Santa Tracker and said it could be improved with much more features. Afterward the company started working on it, but initially, it offered the tracker via Keyhole Inc after acquiring it. The tracker didn’t go well as it was paid for the users. In 2016, Google began the Santa Tracker which gets active precisely at the midnight of Christmas Eve.

    How does Google Santa Tracker work?

    The website works as a real-time tracker that tracks every move of Santa on Christmas Eve. The map gets live at midnight and starts showing the Santa location. The tracker begins with the furthest east time zone showing Santa traveling and handling the gifts simultaneously. It also shows the speed of the Santa which is almost one-time zone per hour. The other metrics include the distance that Santa has traveled, the distance of Santa from the viewer’s city, ETA for your city and the total gifts delivered. The tracker also shows how Santa is also getting help from his companions including reindeers, elves, penguins, and snowman.

    Besides, for each city Santa is visiting you can read about it in the corresponding paragraphs on the website. There are also images of the cities in the background with Santa and his helpers in the foreground. Interestingly, the trackers also show you the precise temperature of each city which is taken from the Temperature Channel.

    What’s new in Google Santa Tracker 2018?

    This year Google has added more features to the tracker for users to learn more. Google has already made available the site available on December 4 this year for the educators and students. On the website, you will find a suite of games and plans to learn coding basics for free. Besides, Google has also mentioned about the non-profit organizations including Khan Academy and Code.org to learn more. Users are also allowed to ask the Santa for narrating some stories via Google Assistant. If you want to experience the Santa Tracker on the mobile app, you can download the app from Google Play Store.

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