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    Why Should You Choose Android Development for Your App?

    Android vs iOS has been an everlasting debate. But which platform would suit your app the best?

    Mobile apps have become an integral part of the business world regardless of the industry. Including a mobile app to your service is one of the proven strategies to extract exponential growth for the business within no time. However, the very first question that every business owner encounters is which platform to choose first: Android or iOS. 


    There are a number of iOS and Android mobile app development companies offering app development within an affordable range. But you have to decide the direction of your app development. In order to decide which platform is suitable for the initial stage of your mobile app, you need to consider some of the important points. This consideration includes various factors that drive app development and help you understand which platform to choose to launch your app.


    • Target Audience


    Target Audience

    The very first factor that you should consider prior to going for mobile app development is your target audience. In case your significant portion of the targeted audience belongs to the Android base, you need to start looking for top Android mobile app developers. This is the most eminent factor while choosing the platform that decides the future of your mobile app.


    • Budget



    The second factor that you need to look at is your budget. Most startups initially have a tight budget. This leaves them with the choice of Android app development. Android apps are cost-effective in comparison to iOS. However, for excellent development services, you might have to end up shelling out more than you thought. The good part is that it will still be cheaper than iOS app development.


    • App Price


    App Price


    The price status of the app plays a vital role in the process of development. You need to select whether you will launch it for free or will it have to be purchased. Android users mostly prefer free mobile apps. So, in case your app is free, Android should be the first choice.

    The above factors should be considered while making the decision about your app’s platform. After this, you should think of how you will market your app. The app business is difficult, but fun if you do it right. Keep looking for new approaches to make your app successful and AppMystery will always be here to help you.


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