• How to Build a Great E-Commerce Mobile App?

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    • Posted on 15th January 2019
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    The innovativeness of today’s e-commerce websites are converting visitors into potential buyers and as they come back as returning visitors. Every e-commerce website is designed with high-quality user experience and when that experience is not present absence it can hurt the revenue and sales in various stages. A bad UX may have an adverse effect on the website’s rankings as search engine emphasize on portals that are easy to navigate. Thus it creates the need of e-commerce mobile app for all the website owners.

    As per the recent report, 68% of users utilize smartphone devices in the US and the amount goes up to 88% in the UK. From the advertising standpoint, websites should be mobile-friendly at any cost as approximately 62% of users will never suggest a business that has a poorly designed mobile website. Around 22.9% global population shops online and that number will increase to 3.15 billion by the end of  2021, Hence having an up-to-date UX design for mobile apps is an absolute must.

    Following are some of the mobile app development tips that an e-commerce website must utilize for making the buying experience worthwhile for their customers:

    Horizontal Filtering

    Most of the websites employ interfaces that carry left-hand vertical sidebar filtering. Currently, horizontal filtering is becoming more prominent. It has the following benefits :

    It is a smartphone and tablet friendly. Therefore, filters can be viewed while scrolling and a full width of a page can also be utilized.
    Since horizontal filtering is flexible, utilizing paragraphs, sliders and tablets along with checkboxes are easier.
    Page width utilization: With the implementation of this UX design, bigger visuals and more useful information can be put in a page.
    No overloading of websites with CTAs

    Always write crisp product descriptions which are easily understandable. Most of the user or customer doesn’t like to go through massive texts.

    Clear CTAs – Having a compelling call to action is important.

    Know your audience – This aspect determines how you attract your customers and any inconvenience faced by the customers must be immediately addressed.  Easy to understand descriptions – Top e-commerce apps will always offer you clear descriptions which will include a crisp heading, bullet points, and subheadings.

    User-Centric Search

    The search experience which you offer to your customers can either make or break your online sales. Any e-commerce businesses must implement these points for fabricating a user-centric search:

    Image recognition – Pictures or images are like bread and butter when it comes to e-commerce. Users always want to see the items before buying. Image recognition should be implemented on the website so that users can rely on the item they are purchasing.

    Voice search – As per mobile app design guidelines, voice recognition must be implemented since it will help online retailers to improve their user experience. It is all about ease, convenience, and speed. It will make consumers more comfortable which will result in more customer engagement.

    Making the Correct Choice

    Whenever you engage with any e-commerce shopping app, you must decide how the products are loading on your website. :

    Load more buttons – Websites which includes a load button option is more favorable as users can find more products offerings thus giving them more options.

    Pagination – This is a process by which information is offered to the customers so that they can emphasize on specific parts of a page.  Users can check the results that will tell them how long the search is going to take.
    Endless scrolling – This feature can lead to seamless experiences for users. Once endless scrolling is implemented content loads continuously as a customer scrolls the page downwards. This works best for websites which has an even content structure.

    Simple Checkouts and Signups Required

    Among the various mobile app design elements, the checkout point holds quite an importance. Making the procedures of checkouts and signups simple is important since website users quickly run out of patience.

    Single-column structure – A user’s eye will move naturally from top to the bottom along the line.

    Making on-boarding simple – Asking too many questions, in the beginning, is not recommended. It should simply ask for the user’s email and name. Personal information like address and phone number can be asked later.


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