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    How To Build A Mobile Survey App?

    How To Build A Mobile Survey App


    True that technology has overpowered the entire digital industry, but this disruption favors growth to a considerable extent. Smartphones are no doubt more of a necessity than a luxury and entrepreneurs are now seeking ways to expand their business channelizing the same through mobile apps.

    A recent addition to the list of mobile apps are the survey apps. Business thrives on data, and this is not about multiplying figures but also about gaining specific insights related to users preferences and corresponding choices. Whenever a business entrepreneur seeks to induce a new product or service into the market, survey plays a crucial role in determining it’s expected output. Getting to know how does a user responds to your added product or service helps predict the future aspect of the same.  

    Earlier the most effective way to conduct surveys was paper or pen or even telephonic media. But there added time as well as cost overheads. Ruling this out, tech enthusiast has come up with an excellent solution namely the Survey apps. Currently, companies irrespective of their size use apps to drive data and optimize their services to map with the user’s needs.

    Wondering what mobile survey apps are and how to build one, read forward!

    Survey Apps – All You Need To Know About

    To start with the discussion, survey apps are basically platforms or online portals that help business professionals draft a set of questionnaires related to their product or services and gather results for future analysis. Companies own sole power over the design and can modify the same as per their own needs.

    Reason for conducting a survey invariably depends on the type of company and it’s a corresponding product. Few of the most relevant reasons comprises of:

    • 1. Whenever  company is up with a new idea or a project, they prefer opting for a survey to determine what users think of about their ideas and see the potential of the same.
    • 2. For existing products, companies prefer s survey to see what customers think of the products and also add updates as per the user’s advice.
    • 3. Surveys help companies drive response of customers and seek whether they are satisfied or not.

    Prerequisites: Things You Need To Know While Developing An App

    Now that you are convinced on building a mobile survey app, be a little cautious and keep the following in mind. Building an app is different from a survey app and a mobile app also differs from a web-based app. Hence, setting out to deploy an app for conducting surveys, you should cater to the following:

    • 1. Look out for your target customers to draft down the necessary requirements.
    • 2. Refine your question set and keep them as small as possible.
    • 3. Do not add a long question or text boxes. These tend to be ineffective in the case of the mobile app.
    • 4. Avoid users scrolling up and down while surveying.
    • 5. Segment the survey into smaller sections.
    • 6. Prefer a mobile data collector
    • 7. Pre-check the survey on multiple mobile platforms.

    Features To Be Added

    There is plenty of software that promises to provide efficient surveying methods for all, so when you are preparing one for your business, you should be tread cautious about the features to be incorporated in order to stand out in the market. Also, the free services as the Google forms are a tough competitor, hence choose wisely.

    • Efficient templates ease the entire surveying process. Companies that seek software prefer templates as users find it directive.
    • Choose the type of answers you seek from the user. It could range from a single answer to multiple answers, matrix-oriented to scaling answers.
    • Add a feature of skip logic. Draft questions in a way that is reliant to each other. This improves the survey quality as users need not waste time on unwanted questions.

    Tools For Data Analysis

    An app that provides just the results offers a halfway process. The app must be efficient in assessing the results and further compare its drafting in terms of charts or graphs. Real-time results are important when it comes to viewing survey results. Also, an effective survey app must help companies streamline the search and view it as per their preference. It could either be on the basis of a particular place, time period or specific answers. Lastly, the results should be easily exportable to varied formats for seamless references.

    Designing A Survey App

    One of the most crucial elements to take of while building a mobile survey app is its design. Do not confuse between a web survey and a mobile app. The mobile screen tends to be smaller and hence the app should be designed likewise. Try to keep digits smaller, multiple choice options to be displayed vertically, avoid images as it increases the download time and always test your app before deploying it.

    Models Of Business

    While developing an app, you should perform a background check at the types of business models for your business. It could either s free one or a paid one or a mixed approach. It is highly important to induce an efficient model so that you do not just add money but build a user base too. Let’s see at the various model kinds feasible for your business;

    • Paid Apps

    You choose to seek payment for app usage. This would require companies to buy your service before using it. Though this is highly effective in monetizing your app, yet the chances of early bird payment are low. Not all companies would prefer buying a service which could be availed for free also. So here you can try giving them one free trial before subscribing it for long term usage.

    • Freemium

    A smarter approach to adding business models is offering a free version but added services necessitate subscription. The choice solely depends upon the company whether to buy or not. For basic surveys, one can stick to the free version and for a refined search, one can pay and go pro.

    So, now that you know the highs and lows, the tactics and strategies, be wise while building a mobile survey app. Try add features that ensure a stand out from the crowd and help you grow.

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