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    How To Use Instagram For App Promotion

    instagram app promotion

    It is no more a surprise that social media has a significant influence in our life that could be harnessed for marketing. Where most of us scroll through the feeds of our social media profiles only a few use these platforms to promote their brand for expanding the revenue. Among all the social media platforms, Instagram has proven to be the best one so far, and it also owns the maximum number of active users. Unfortunately, most of us believe that Instagram is only for sharing pictures and videos and getting followers.


    However, few of the marketers are using this platform not only to get the maximum user’s attention but also to promote their mobile apps. You can easily promote your mobile app over Instagram and reach out to the millions of potential users in no time. But, to achieve what you need to know is that ‘how to use Instagram for app promotion’.

    Here is what you need to know for an effective app promotion on Instagram.

    According to the recent report from Statista, the revenue generated from Instagram advertising is estimated to cross $6.84 billion by the end of this year.  This makes Instagram the most significant social media platform to promote your brand or app.

    Credit- Statista

    Why you need to choose Instagram for your app promotion?

    Here are some market facts about Instagram that will make you understand the importance of this platform in the marketing world.

    • Currently, there are almost 25 million Instagram business profile where 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day.
    • Instagram owns a more number of daily and monthly active users than Facebook and Snapchat
    • Almost 70% of users are introduced to the new brands on Instagram
    • Instagram ads conversion rate are higher than that of Snapchat and Facebook
    • Instagram has the highest interaction rate compared to other social media giants

    Types of ads on Instagram

    There are two types of ads on Instagram that you can use to promote your app. One is the image ad, and other is video format advertisement, where image ad is the same as your Instagram post. The video advertisement puts a 30-second video with sound promoting the brands or business. You can go for either options to promote or advertise your business over Instagram. The image or video advertisement will be slipped into the user’s feed relevant to their interest and search on the platform. You can also add a slide containing a number of images instead of one similar goes with the video ads you can divide your longer video into parts.

    Use CTA on Instagram for improved conversion

    CTA or Call-To-Action in Instagram are the different types hyperlinked ads that invite the users to the brand’s landing page. Most of the app marketers use the Instagram CTA saying ‘Install’ that asks the users to install the app. You can add CTA to your add and tempt the user to click it that will lead them to the respective app store for downloading the app.

    There are also other types of CTA’s including-

    Watch More- Asking the users to visit the brand’s own web page or Youtube channel to see the complete video.

    Read More- In case of giving important information, this CTA directs the users to the page showing the complete information to the users.

    Sign Up/ Book Now – This type of Instagram CTA asks the users to either Sign up for the service or direct booking for the brand’s offering from the Instagram page.

    These CTA on Instagram ads helps the marketers acquire the highest conversion rate with advertisements.


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