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    How To Use Social Media For Generating Leads?

    More than 98% of the US population uses social media today. Why not generate leads?

    How To Use Social Media To Generate Leads


    Social media can be quite effectively used to generate leads. Leads can be defined as potential customers of your mobile app, product, or company. They might have expressed interest in whatever you are offering to them and provided you with their contact numbers or mail ids to follow up. 


    You can use this lead as potential information to expand your business, as you simply have to forward these to your sales team. Your sales team will automatically contact them and take the procedure ahead. These leads can be converted into customers by engaging them with valuable content, media, or advertisement. Once you have the base customers ready, anything can be easily executed.


    An important question arises here. Why would we need social media leads? The reason is simple. All people respond to cold calls terribly. In fact, the majority don’t even pick up the call. On the other hand, they converse very easily on social media platforms and even leave their contact details. This stands one of the greatest reasons for preferring social media conversations over calls. This is why businesses now use social media for mobile app marketing and generating leads.


    Demand blue
    Demand blue


    Listed below are some of the methods for lead generation using social media.


    • Gated Content and Link Sharing


    This literally means content hidden behind a gate. This content is valuable and the targeted users have to cross the gate to access the content. They will provide some basic information which can be used as a lead later on. Such is the value of gated content.


    Gated Content and Link Sharing

    It might be true that some people will not click the content after landing on the main page because they aren’t at all interested in your product or service. So false leads get eliminated anyway. But count the number of solid leads; those who punched in their e-mails or their contact details, they are in for a longer period of time and will be committed to you and your product. To get this information or gated content to your users, you could simply promote the page to your followers and then wait for them to register.


    • Organizing Contests


    There are some criteria to be kept in mind when you are dealing with contests. The conditions that you have to keep to would be that the contest should be such that people come and participate in it. Secondly, it must have a reward that means a lot to your potential customers only. The prize has to be valuable, else no one will register. 


    Organizing Contests


    Let’s suppose you run an eCommerce platform, you could fix the prize to be a 50% discount coupon. That is how your potential customers will be interested in the deal. But then there is a problem with announcing such a general lead – it might attract floating customers too! People who have actually no interest in the product or service you are providing but are simply there to avail the deal. This would result in a lot of general contacts rather than focussed leads. The nature of the deal has to be very specific and thoughtful to target only the interested customers, for better results.


    • Trying Social Media Advertising


    Almost everyone has access to their phones and digital platforms are just a click away. It is always important to advertise your services or product on a social media platform because everyone has access to all the forms of social media. 


    Trying Social Media Advertising


    The advertising costs are surprisingly low, it reaches a huge audience, gated content can easily be shared, and links can be generated. The entire process is seamless and affordable, and it generates genuine and proper leads that you can use to expand your sales. There are specialized formats available for sharing advertisements on Facebook and other platforms, making the entire ad sharing process an easy experience. Similarly, Instagram can be used to advertise gated content and other information.


    • Using Custom Pages On Facebook


    Facebook makes it remarkably easy for all businesses to thrive. You can start your own Facebook page to give all valuable information about the business and update the page regularly for people to like, share, subscribe, comment, and follow the page. 


    Most millennials who follow a specific page participate in various contests and gated content, which means that they are most likely to subscribe to your product page. This way, you get potential leads that can help you with your product sales. You must do this before launching a new app into the market.


    • Using Live Videos Or Webinars


    This is yet another way to get people to follow you and it generates quick and genuine leads. You could advertise that you will be going live soon and then the people who feel connected to you or your company would sign up for the webinar or the live video. 


    Using Live Videos Or Webinars


    This way, you have the freedom to weed out unnecessary people because only valuable customers would walk in for a signup procedure. Reliable leads can thus be calculated.


    • Using a Tool Like Geo-Targeted Search


    This one is tricky. This helps you weed out exactly the user you need to target. It is easier to catch hold of real leads when you search locally. That is to say, if you are located in a particular city in some country and your business is strictly located in that city itself, then you can search potential leads in that particular city using social media. 


    Using a Tool Like Geo-Targeted Search


    This is a unique way to go about lead searching, and it accurately generates genuine leads that you could use for your business. As the efficiency in this tool increases, your search is refined, and you will reach the goal of generating successful leads.


    Final Thoughts


    Generating leads is important and it couldn’t get any easier than with social media. So use the above-mentioned startegies to generate leads and take your business to new heights. And as usual, stay tuned with AppMystery for more.

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