• 5 Proven Ways To Increase Engagement And User Retention


    It is no more a secret that the mobile app is a boon for the businesses could change everything to change everything. However, most of the millennials believe that user acquisition is the only metric that decides the app success. Most of the app owners invest all their capital and effort in alluring the users while underestimating the user engagement. User retention and engagement are two major parameter that keeps your app in the game. If you don’t have the users, who interact with your app regularly then having the large user base will do nothing for you.

    User engagement defines the number of users interacting with your app on a daily basis. This shows how much of active your users you have and how frequently they open your app. According to Localytics, users with more than 10+ sessions/month are considered highly active. People may confuse user retention with engagement as both are the subjective terms. However, user retention metric shows that how many users return to your app within the three months of their first interaction.

    Here are the top 5 ways to increase user engagement and retention of your mobile app.

    1.Convenient Onboarding

    The very first thing that makes an impression on the users is the onboarding process. This is the first page that users interact with after opening your app. Unfortunately, most of the app owners failed to understand its importance and makes it complicated for the users. Today, the users are restless, and they don’t have much time to spent on the task like giving information or creating the profile. You need to make sure that the onboarding page is short and simple for the users. For example instead of irritating with the login page use their social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram to grant the app access.


    Treating the users with more personalized or special manner will assure that they will stay with your app for longer. Yes, special which means you need to understand your every user and what they are looking for. Personalization helps in optimizing the user’s account or page according to their preferences. Showing the relevant results and giving the preferable choices helps in convincing the users that your brand cares about them. The best examples are the Amazon and video streaming service Netflix where you will get the personalized content and suggestions on each page.

    3.Push Notifications

    The most common reason for losing the users is that they no longer have interest in your app. Without any alluring reason, the users will forget your app and eventually could uninstall it. To keep the engagement rate high you need to use the push notifications strategy. Notifying the user’s according to their interest will tempt them to open your app frequently. Consider you own a news app, and one of your users is interested in sports and entertainment happenings. You can push the notifications regarding any new sport or entertainment buzz the will lead the user to open your app. However, with the excellent advantages push notifications also comes with high risk, If you cross the line with notifications the user could get irritated and that will be very harmful to your business.

    4.Rewards and Incentives for the users

    Getting your app installed is just the first half of the battle you need to make sure that users keep interacting with your app. To garner the maximum revenue, your app requires higher user engagement. The other successful method to keep the user interested is giving them rewards or incentives. The gaming apps offer certain benefits on clearing the specific levels in the game that keeps the user going. Similarly, you need come with your reward program for the user to interact with your app frequently.

    5.Working on feedbacks

    Most of the app owners overlooked this point, but it could turn the tables for your app. Every app has some flaws and missing features that users could complain about, and the feedback section enables the user to tell those things. You need to leverage the opportunity and know the spots where your app is lacking on user’s expectation. Once you get the feedback then immediately respond to the user and let them know that you are working on it. This will bring you the user’s trust and their loyalty towards your app for increased user retention and engagement.

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