• How To Build A Martech Stack? Easy Steps

    • akash
    • Posted on 17th December 2018

    Nowadays, every business largely depends upon the marketing due to higher competition. With the help of right decisions and precise tools selection, you could do wonders in the industry. The combination of technology and marketing strategies is what brings success in today’s world. But, the most critical part is to make sure you have the right stack for your martech strategy. Most of the businesses fail in the applying the right martech strategy because of not having the efficient martech stack. Besides, the starting of the year is the right time to go for claiming your martech stack.

    To help you with the martech stack we have prepared a well-researched way to build it.

    1.Consider Inventory

    The very first step of building an active and helpful martech stack is to make sure that everyone knows what tools you are using right now. Note down all the tools that you are using for marketing in the organization. List the marketing tools, content management systems: Saas tools, social media tools, analytical tools and every part of your marketing process. With the help of listed inventory, you will have all the currently available resource in front of you.

    2.The Survey

    The aim of the first step to prepare the process for this step, no you need to conduct a survey with the list. You are not the only one dealing with all these tools for marketing. There is a big team taking care of the business with the help of this current martech stack. You need to know how exactly they feel and think about these tools as they are interacting with it on a daily basis. With the help of a survey, you can get to know the cos and pros of all the tools to make a better decision. Ask the team whether are they happy with the available tools or not, what is troubling them the most.   

    3.The discussion

    Once the survey is done, it is time to get everything out in the open and discuss what needs to be changed. This is the most important step of the entire process where you need to take about everything. After gathering all the points from survey call out everyone for a discussion and take out all the highlighted points. Once you start a discussion, you will see the fantastic points coming out that you have never expected. The discussion will help you in deciding and taking on of the most important decisions.

    4.Identifying the opportunities

    Once you have noted down the essential or key factors for change form the open discussion, it is time to change things literally. The marketing sector is evolving with technology, so you need to make sure that your martech stack is updated with the needs of the business. There are plenty of new automated tools and software that most of the companies are already using to generate the maximum leads. Go out and start observing them for the benefits of your company.

    5.Get the things done

    After getting the list of the all the best tools for your martech stack, it is time finally implement it. You need your entire team to dedicated working to build up a perfect and effective martech stack. A team working together with weaknesses and strengths is capable of moving the mountains. So, get your team on building the martech and start moving forward the success.

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