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    MarTech vs. Marketing Automation: Everything Explained

    martech vs marketing

    Marketing is considered the backbone of the business in today’s world. However, marketing has always been in the game, but digital marketing has changed the dynamics. The technology integration and introduction of new tools make it possible to implement an effective marketing strategy. The Martech or marketing technology is the practice where marketing tools enable marketers to make profitable decisions.

    Every marketing aspect from analyzing the user behavior to finding the precise branding channel are assisted by the smart tools. Website Analytics, Business Intelligence or digital asset management everything helps in better decision making. But, most of the marketers especially the new ones mistake Martech with Marketing Automation. Where Martech is the marketing technology, and Marketing Automation is the specific type of Martech used to automate a designed set of marketing actions.

    In order to clear your doubts about the Martech Vs. Marketing Automation you need to go through the detailed differentiation.

    What is Martech?

    Marketing Technology can be understood as the collection of advanced tools that pushes the digital marketing up to the next level. Compared to the traditional digital marketing actions the Martech makes it very easy for the marketers to get better results. The entire marketing technology revolves around the data where different platforms or tools collect the data from various sources. For example, the website analytics brings the data like a number of users in real time, active users, user engagement, region your users belong to and much more relevant information. The marketers or the business owners take help from these data that plays a vital part in decision making.

    Along with this the technology like Business Intelligence (BI) also helps the companies in practicing successful digital marketing. Similar to web analytics, BI also work around the data but in a more detailed way. The technology helps in acquiring helpful information and customers insight as well as the relevant data needed to execute the marketing operations.

    What is Marketing Automation?

    Most of the time people confuse Marketing Automation with email marketing platform although it has numerous benefits for email marketing as it can manage the different marketing campaign with the help of detailed data. Marketing Automation comprises a considerable potential for effective marketing as it can manage complex campaigns and update them in real time, and it can also utilize various channels. Marketing Automation Platforms also known as MAP’s are the most complex form of Martech. These platforms are capable of collecting and integrating data from a wide range of marketing sources.

    To make marketing campaigns most effective, you need to execute a precisely targeted campaign. The targeted campaign requires more detailed segments for executing marketing actions. For the detailed segment, you need to put a lot of work and time so the campaign could be targeted with more filtered data. This requires to create and upload complex lists by dealing with a large amount of content. Under these types of campaign, you need to face repetitive actions while going through the data. Marketing Automation takes care of all the work and manages the repetitive actions for detailed segments. The platform is specially designed to deploy the complex campaigns that are not possible with the traditional technology.

    How Martech and Marketing Automation Helping Business?

    This is not true that Martech and Marketing Automation only helps the marketing department. The technology or the platforms also help the other department of the company for overall growth. The tools gathered a large amount of data for the company that not only the marketing team but other departments can also leverage. For example, the customers insights and gathered data can also be used by sales or accounts department for making their crucial decisions.

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