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    5 Reasons Why Startups Should Invest in Mobile Apps

    Over 2.7 billion people use smartphones today. Could there be a better way to reach out to them than via mobile apps?

    So, you’re gearing up for the entrepreneurship race and working hard to turn your idea into a million-dollar business. However, this will require you to work on many parameters, one of the most important being the mobile app strategy. In the last five years, the digital world has taken over the business industry with mobile apps holding a significant share. It is mandatory for every startup to incorporate mobile app development into their business plan.
    With the continuous evolution of technology, users have shifted their interest to mobile platforms. In order to access a large number of users with minimum effort in no time, you must own an app for your business. 

    Here are 5 primary reasons why you should invest in mobile app development for your startup.

    1. Increased User Engagement

    To make a product successful, every business needs to connect to its potential customers on a large scale. With time, the methods of approaching users have changed; the digital methods are more effective today, with mobile apps at the top of the list.


    The fact that most people own a smartphone today makes mobile apps the biggest platform to target a large number of users with minimal effort. A mobile app makes it possible to communicate with users directly and learn more about them.

    2. Improved Revenue

    To successfully interact with users, you need to provide them with the most efficient channel. A mobile app serves as the fastest and most convenient channel for users to learn about a brand and its product. This smooth process helps increase the conversion rate that eventually boosts up the overall revenue of the business. 

    According to a survey, 70% of the users make their decision to purchase anything depending on how a brand treats and interacts with them. Besides, mobile apps give you an opportunity to offer transparency to the users and show your products more efficiently.

    3. Brand Recognition

    Converting a business into a brand is the prime reason why startups should invest in a mobile app. Your users or customers need a strong brand appearance in the market in order to maintain their trust. Besides, a mobile app contributes to your company’s influence and makes it more authentic in the eyes of the users.

    Having a suitable mobile app will help you take your business a notch up by providing recognition in the industry as a proficient brand.

    4. Get Feedback and Improvise on Them


    One of the biggest losses of relying on the web version for your business is that you will never know what your users think about your service. For a small business, it is not possible to carry out a big survey or communicate directly with the users. However, a mobile app gives you the opportunity to ask users for their feedback. The feedback will let you know about your flaws and what the users want and appreciate. With direct feedback, you can work on the issues and make sure that your users get whatever they want.

    5. Provide More Value to the Users

    The competition in the market is fiercer than ever and you need to give reasons to your prospective customers to be loyal to your business. To acquire maximum users and make sure that they stay, you need to offer certain loyalty points or rewards in return. With mobile apps, it is effortless to carry out any program that gives rewards to the users and makes them feel special.

    With the help of a brilliant reward system, you will not only add value to the users but also make them stay with you for longer.


    All in all, having a mobile app for your business should be your topmost priority for endless reasons. Make sure you hire the best mobile app development company to carry out these processes and make a unique app to reflect your business clearly. Learn more about mobile app marketing and design with AppMystery. Stay tuned!

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