• 5 Reason Why Most Mobile App Startup Fail?


    It is well known that the world has already shifted to smartphones where mobile apps are a significant reason. According to the latest predictions, the mobile app industry is going to be the biggest revenue generating domain in the coming years. There is no doubt that everyone wants to be part of this industry and makes a fortune out of it. In fact, many have already leveraged the opportunity and making tons of money. But this doesn’t mean that every startup gets successful and convert their efforts into million dollars. On a surprising note, most of the mobile app startups face failure due to various decisions they make.

    If you are planning to get your own app or just entered into the competition then here some ground rules to follow. After observing the number of startups and executing our own in-depth research, we have found these 5 common reasons why startup fails. Check out this five reason and make sure that your startup passes all the hurdles to get successful.

    1. App Consistency and Compatibility

    The most common problem faced by apps is the compatibility issue that leads to failure. Once the app is launched and its available for the users, the interested ones want to experience it immediately. However, during our research, we found that most of the failed startups had the apps that showed compatibility issues with different devices. Either they were not getting installed probably or showing trouble in performing the functionalities.

    To avoid this mistake, you need to get your app thoroughly tested before making it public. Get the tester and ask them to make sure the app works perfectly fine with all the compatible devices. There is nothing more frustrating than a troublemaking app for the users.

    To avoid this reason you need to get your thorough test before making it public. Get the tester and ask them to make sure the app works perfectly fine with all the compatible devices. There is nothing more frustrating than a troublemaking app for the users.

    2. Are Updating Your App Regularly?

    Wow, you have millions of users, and they are crazy about your app but what after some time? Yes after some time the people will get bored of your app, or they will start asking for new features. This will lead users to lost interest in your app, and eventually, it will be discarded from their smartphones. The startups failed to provide the frequent updates are most likely to abandoned by the users. Giving updates does not only means adding the new functionalities but also resolving the issues troubling your users. This will not only make your app better but also will help you in keeping the user interested.

    3. Not User-Oriented App Design

    According to a survey, almost 8% to 10% of mobile apps get rejected due to the bad design. You may think that the app design may not hold that much significant but trust me it could lead to your app to fail. You need to be very cautious about your app design considering the user’s behavior and requirement. The app must have a design flow that makes it convenient for the user to navigate through the entire app. Besides, there are some certain standard app design fundamentals that you need to follow.

    4. Not so Good Marketing

    Getting your app developed and making it perfect from all perspective is just half of the work. The second half of the job is to make your app visible to the user and get it installed in their smartphones. This requires you to perform a strategic marketing plan and grab the maximum number of user’s attention. This is the most common reason among startups that restrains them from getting successful. There is no point in developing a great serving a unique idea if there is no one to use it. Do more extensive research on your targeted users and try to pitch them via various channels including social media. Perform effective App Store Optimization for avoiding this reason of failure.

    5. Not Listening to the Users

    No app is perfect no matter how many times you have tested it. Once your app is launched, the user will start suggesting the things that they want to change in the app according to themselves. But, what most of the startups do they don’t listen to the users and keep doing all on their own. It is important to listen to the users and work on their needs to survive the competition and beat the best. Try to read more and more reviews about your app on the app stores and start interacting with users directly to know what troubles them.

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