• Common Mobile App Building Mistakes That Every Startup Should Avoid

    • akash
    • Posted on 29th November 2018

    Mobile apps have cut down a long distance between the service providers and consumers in recent years. The technology has an unlimited application that is drastically transforming every aspect of the business. In the last 5-7 years mobile app industry has become a significant contributor to the technology generated revenue. Besides, the experts believe that the industry will dominate the other sectors in the coming years.

    The sudden growth of the mobile app industry has increased the number of mobile apps unexpectedly. Moreover, every startup or established company wants to own an app for the assured growth of their business. For established firms, it is possible to acquire a mobile of one various platform easily, but things become hard for the startups. Almost 100 of mobile app startups start their life every day, but only a few survive and see the light of success. Unfortunately, most of them become the victims of some the common app building mistakes.

    If you are among those who are planning to start their app startup or looking to build an app for your startup, then you must avoid these mistakes. After reviewing more than 50 failed startups, we have recognized these 4 common app building mistakes among them.

    1. Not Budgeting Everything in the Beginning

    Mobile apps are very common, and you can find an app almost for everything, but getting a developed is just the opposite. The app development process is not a simple process that can be done at lunchtime and under the cost of two hamburgers. The app development cost a lot and being a startup you need to be careful about the expenses. The first mistake that most of the startup does is not pre-planning the budget from tip to toe. This means from getting the developed to getting it published including single phase you should know how much exactly you need in your bank account.

    2. Not Hiring a Compatible App Development Partner

    The second most common mistake that startups commit is not working hard on the app development companies. Finding a perfect and suitable mobile app development company drives the path to success. However, most of the companies didn’t work hard while hunting the companies or compromise due to the budget. I am not saying that you need to hire the big agencies and spend a lot of money, but you need to be sure about the one you’re choosing. Go through the company’s profile background, previous projects and meet the core development team before taking the decision.

    3. Promoting Less

    One of the primary reason that leads the most of the startups back to zero is not promoting their app efficiently. According to a survey, most of the app owners believe that once they submitted their app in the app store their job is done. According to them the user will get their app and will start using it to generate revenue for them. However, it doesn’t work this way, after submitting the app you have done only half part of the job and rest half is remaining. Now, you need to compete against the millions of apps that are already present in the app stores.

    4. Not Monitoring the Process

    After finding the perfect app development partner, you need to be overseeing the entire process. Most of the startups that failed had the bad app design , functionality or any flaw that was the mistake of the development team. Once hiring the development company, the app owners leave everything to it and sit back. The development process the most crucial step that needs to be monitored very cautiously. You or anyone from the team needs to be in direct communication with the development team to track the progress and handle make sure that everything is going fine.

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