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    The Pillars of Your Start-Up – How to Hire the Right People Leadership Team?

    The pillars of your start-up – how to hire the right people leadership team:


    The basic attitude of a person determines everything. Any start-up is all about the innovation, the work culture, the progress and definitely the common vision that is kept in mind. To successfully get through this, you need to hire the best team to make this possible for you.

    It is a common fact that you are only as good as the people who surround you because their actions and their decisions influence your work of action. This is true in the case of your life, and in the case of your business too. This is because your start-up will have a thousand decisions to make, and if you have hired the wrong people, in most likely situations, you are doomed. There will be very limited resources in the beginning, and the competition will be rough. In such a stage, if you don’t have a very strong team to hold your back, chances are that the team will fall apart, taking down the business along with it.

    Start-ups often come with a lot of pressure. There will be immense pressure to get things done. For starters, your employees have to have a cool nerve. They cannot afford to lose it any second. They have to be patient, calm, wise and more. So how do you hire these rare gems of gems?

    There is only one way out for this – to have a very strong team for your own start-up. There should be a very strong focus on the C-level hiring process. Below stated are some helpful tips that could fall back upon If you are looking to hire the best leadership team:

    Take the Smarter and the Smartest

    You are the CEO and you are in charge. There may be a lot of decisions which you will take, but these may go in the wrong direction if you aren’t consulting with someone who is smarter than you. Your team should be capable to give you counsel when asked for it. If you are surrounded by the right people, then there would be no problem as to what and why. The productivity of the team will increase multifold, and you will definitely benefit from the advice. You could count on your team to get you fresh viewpoints on everything. The best teams usually are complementary to each other’s functions. If someone isn’t having a specific strength, then others fill up for it.

    Hire the Sales Stimulators

    The biggest shots in sales are the ones who crack the largest deals for you. Hire the fish you think will take in big. Take in a fierce negotiator who will change the delivery of dice and make extensive changes for your sluggish startup. Kick up things in action and get things going to set the pace for the rest of the organization. Make it go big or go home for them, and see how much progress comes running to you.

    Hire Marketing Giants for Your Company

    Goodwill may sell your company for a few days, but you would need aggressive marketing to set sail to the ship. Do not wait for goodwill to set else it will be too late. And most importantly, do not interlink sales and marketing to be the same. They have different roles, and your company needs both. The marketing will conceptualize the pathway of the sales, and it will help proceed it in a particular direction.

    How would you go about hiring such strong and intellectual leaders?

    The interviews are the key points. When you hire, you could ask them about their strengths and weaknesses and evaluate them accordingly. You could easily hire in someone with great experience. With great experience comes wiser leaders. With the shrunk-up learning curve, your organization benefits directly – there is a sharp rise in the growth immediately. Make the hires especially where there are vacuum areas. The vacuums need to be pulled up first.

    Make it a Chain of Talent

    There’s a very common phenomenon. The smarter people that you hire, the smarter will be their sub employees. Smart people continue hiring smart people in a chain – making it a good organization. There is this intangible magnetism that works, that helps to pull up the organization as a whole. The entire organization looks up to good leadership, there is a positive learning curve, and the entire situation is bent towards positive growth.

    Keep the Company Culture Well Defined

    Make the lines of the company culture clear. Do not make blurred lines. If you are expecting constant growth and development, let that be seen. There could be short salable dreams, or there might be long term dreams that need fulfillment – whatever is your company policy, make it clear for your employees when you’re hiring them. You need to make hires of people who are on the same page just as you. If you try to hire people who are slower, just so you can save some money, you are definitely on the wrong track. You cannot afford to have a clash of cultures in your company. It should be that you are a leader, and others follow you in pursuit and also guide you when you take important decisions.

    Team Represents Your Family

    You cannot abandon your family, just like you cannot abandon your team. You have to work with them, until the end of the world. They are the entire support system and backbones of your company. They help you achieve your milestones. They have more than skills and expertise to solve problems at hand. When interviewing them, ask them what kind of relations they expect from you. If you see that they are placing in full confidence, you know that this person is your treasure.

    Other than the resume, your key executives bring in a lot to the table, they literally run the organization for you. You need to make sure that the people you are hiring are the exact fit for you.

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