• 5 reasons why you should switch to Git


    If you are involved in software development, chances are that you use certain tools for monitoring changes in your source code during the developmental process.


    While there are many reasonable alternatives out there, in my opinion, the best of the bunch is Git, mainly due to its unique take on how it treats data.


    To expand on this, I will give a few reasons for why I think so.


    So, here’s my opinion on why you should switch to Git.


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    It saves valuable time


    Out of all tools of similar nature, I have yet to find a program which is able to work as fast as Git. In many ways, software development is like building a complex tower from very simple blocks. Every bit has to be thought out carefully, in order to create a product the way it was intended.


    Sometimes you do have to work at a snail’s pace, writing bits and pieces of code throughout your work and every minute saved allows you to be more efficient throughout the day. With Git, you get a version control system which does not hold you back. As we all know, time is money.


    You can work offline


    What if you want to work somewhere where there’s no internet connection? What if there’s a sudden outage at your home or work? With other alternatives like Subversion or VCS, you’d be at a loss, since everything depends on your connection to the central repository.


    Meanwhile with Git, almost all functionality and libraries are available locally on your device. Here you can: browse your history on the project, make a commit, merge or create new branches and so on.


    Here, you decide when and where you want to work and you’re not held back by your own tools.


    Very easy to undo


    Even the most experienced developers make mistakes in their code from time to time, we all know that.


    Made a commit, but noticed a tiny little mistake you made in the process? Time to revert it completely right? Not with Git though.


    Here you will find a small “Undo” button which will let you correct your last commit without the trouble of a full revert. But, of course, if you still need to do it, you can.


    Also, you can even recover deleted ones, since Git rarely permanently deletes anything. Talk about peace of mind.


    Your code is safe from mistakes


    Ever ruined a repository before? If you haven’t, trust me, you don’t want to experience that. Anyway, even if that happens, you can remain totally calm, since Git saves a copy of the repository on every team member’s computer that’s working on the project.


    Also, like I’ve said in the previous part, data is rarely deleted from Git. This means that most of it can be easily recovered if any mistakes were made in the development process.


    Ensure that your commits are useful


    Imagine the chaos if you start committing multiple unrelated changes to the project. A bit of code here, bit of more there, a fix over there. Your teammates would be very displeased to say the least with all the reverting and undoing they would have to do in order to understand what is done.


    Git allows you to commit what it calls granular commits. Here you can pinpoint exactly what changes were made, even to single code lines. This is where this tool shines especially bright.

    All in all

    I gave my take on Git and why I believe it’s the best program to monitor your development process. There’s the many undo options, backups and fast speed which really stand out from others. I’m sure it could help any software developer out there.


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