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    How to Prepare to Sell Used MacBook Air

    Even the best of Mac computers start to depreciate in performance over time. MacBooks can have a great lifespan and be an effective machine for several years, but over time everything from the continual software updates to wear on the battery and other parts takes its toll.


    The signs could indicate that it is time for you to Sell Used MacBook Air and move on to a new one. If a sale is right for you, especially if you want to get some funds for the next Apple laptop you are already checking out, there are a few steps you need to take before you start the selling process so you get the best value in the long run.


    Today, we will review some of these tips so you can get your used MacBook Air in great shape so it can be sold for a good return.


    Complete a Data Backup – If you have owned a laptop for several years, there is bound to be a lot of files on the hard drive. In an effort to protect yourself, you want to make sure all of this information is deleted so the new owner will not be able to access it. This also allows you to take the first steps to ensure that your information can be transferred over to the new laptop you buy.


    Clean It Up – When you sell used MacBook Air, you want to make it look like the laptop is not used at all. Some of that involves how well you have cared for the laptop over the years to keep it protected from dents and scratches. If you have owned a laptop for the better part of five years or more, it will certainly have some markings that can’t be immediately repaired. That said, you want to give the laptop a good cleaning to make sure it is free from dirt and fingerprints on the screen, and try to remove any scratches that may be slightly visible. You should also remove any stickers or decals that were placed on the hardware to make it look as close to its original condition as possible.


    Check Hardware – In addition to cleaning the machine, you want to check to make sure the hardware works. Is the touchpad responsive? Do all of the keys on the keyboard work? Do all of the USB ports work? You can test all of this yourself and get the answers in no time.


    Reset and Ensure Everything Works – Finally, complete a factory reset of the system and make sure everything starts up as it should. This ensures that when the buyer gets the used MacBook, it will still work so they can easily determine its resale value.


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