• MilesWeb WordPress Review (2020) : Everything You Need To Know


    MilesWeb is very popular for their unlimited shared hosting, but now they also offer premium managed WordPress hosting at a very cheap price. So, if you want to know, if their new WordPress hosting plans are worth your money or not, then this article is for you.


    In this article we will see, what WordPress hosting types do MilesWeb offers, along with their features.


    Let’s first know the WordPress hosting from MilesWeb. They have :

    (i) Shared WordPress Hosting

    (ii) WordPress Cloud Hosting

    Shared WordPress Hosting

    There are three plans under shared WordPress hosting, namely Ace, Heart, and Diamond.

    These plans are like a dream come true opportunity for bloggers using WordPress.

    Heart and Diamond plans offer free domain name that you can use for free as long as you stay with MilesWeb, no renewal charges are asked after every year.


    Features of best WordPress hosting in India from MilesWeb are :


    1) Automatic WordPress Updates


    All WordPress plans make you free from manual updating of WordPress’s new features. MilesWeb provides software at the backend of every site hosted with them, which automatically updates your WordPress to its latest version. Also, it keeps check on the latest plugins and allows you to use them as soon as they are released.


    2) Fast SSD Storage


    The high-performance solid SSD storage drive helps your site to get up to 200% better performance as compared to outdated hard drives.


    3) Free SSL security


    Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate protects the data being transmitted between you and your site visitors. So, every single account created at MilesWeb gets a free SSL certificate incorporated.


    4) WordPress Preconfigured


    To make users work of site management easy, the technical team at MilesWeb, pre-configures your WordPress site. WordPress is installed with various verified themes and plugins to make the work smooth.


    5) Fast Provisioning


    MilesWeb is a fast, robust, and scalable hosting solution for your WordPress sites. They have cloud architecture that launches cloud instances within few clicks to take your project on the internet at blazing fast speed. Also, they provide features like inbuilt server caching, SSD hardware, PHP 7, and HTTP/2 support that allows WordPress sites to function smoothly.


    6) Datacenter Location


    The datacenter location needs to be selected on the basis of its reach to your target audience. So, before selecting a datacenter first find out in which area does your target audience resides and chooses from the nearest option available. With MilesWeb you get the data center location options from USA, UK, Canada, Austria, UAE, and India, so select one during the sign-up process.


    Along with all the above features, you also get exclusive WordPress hosting features like :

    • Cloudflare Railgun
    • HTTPS by default
    • GZIP/Brotli compression
    • SFTP access
    • WP-CLI
    • Dedicated WordPress Support
    • Cloning of website
    • Caching
    • Server-side optimization
    • Daily backups
    • CDN

    Now, let’s gain some key-points about WordPress cloud hosting.

    MilesWeb provides managed WordPress hosting cloud with LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache


    What is LSCache?


    LSCache is a high-performance solution for your WordPress site. It manages and caters to high loads and sudden spikes with ease. LiteSpeed web server + LSCache accelerates WordPress solution and optimizes the only plugin that user needs.


    It can handle tones of concurrent users by tripling up the server capacity. Also, it reduces hardware and support costs.


    Importance of using LiteSpeed + LSCache :


    i) Server-Level Full Page Cache


    LSCache communicates directly with LSWS that allows it to store static copies of dynamic web pages, which enables them to retrieve web pages faster. Additionally, it has the ability to cache multiple versions of user-generated data like an agent, geography, currency, and more.


    ii) Crawler

    Crawlers work continuously on the website to refresh web pages that have expired in the cache. This enables the site to serve cached content to the visitors by reducing the resources consumption on the server.


    iii) CSS, JavaScript, or HTML Minification


    LSCache is supposed to reduce the source code size and remove all unnecessary whitespace characters, newline characters, and comments from CSS, JavaScript, or HTML code. User is allowed to configure it separately and enable only minification functions as per requirements.


    iv) Private Cache


    Private Cache can cache specific pages where content is restricted to a particular user.


    v) Browser Cache Support


    LSCache eliminates the need for browser cache plugin and offers a simple setup without having hassle about the configuration of files. It also edits .htaccess for you which ultimately speeds up your WordPress website.


    Let’s see what customers say about MilesWeb.

    Conclusion :


    WordPress is a wide content management system and for the growing website, it gets a messy work to handle it. Thus, managed WordPress from MilesWeb makes sure that you can concentrate on your primary business while their team takes care of all the backend functions.

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