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    Software development – Features and benefits

    In order to explain what software testing is, we need to first understand what software is and how software testing companies work.

    Software in its basic form is a set of instructions that aims to produce a desired result. These instructions, known as software programs, reside on computers or similar devices.

    Software is all around us. It is an integral part of our lives, from business applications (like banking) to consumer products (like cars and TVs). Most people in the developed world use software. Whether it be on mobile phones, the latest tablet devices, laptops or personal computers, using software is now part of our daily routine.

    I am sure you’ve experienced using software that didn’t work as expected. In most cases, software faults can lead to problems, including loss of time, money, and could even cause injury or death. For example, a fault in an air traffic control system could risk the lives of many hundreds of people.

    So What Causes a Software Defect?

    Software is specified by analysts and written by developers and programmers. In other words, humans like you and me! And humans are not perfect. A human being can make an error during the development of software.

    A human error will produce  a fault, bug, or defect in the software program or in it’s documentation. When defective code is run, the software system may fail to do what it is supposed to do, or do something it shouldn’t do, causing a failure.

    Environmental conditions may also cause software to fail.  For example, magnetism, electronic fields, and pollution could affect the hardware that the software is running on, causing it to fail.

    This is why there is a need and a rising demand for software to be tested.

    What is Software Testing?

    Simply, it is a process of checking that software behaves as expected and provides information to stakeholders (customers/users/managers) about the quality of a product.

    In order to reduce the risk of software failure occurring during normal operation, testing of software is usually done during every phase of the software development process. If defects are found,they can be corrected before the final system is released.

    There are a number of reasons why software testing is required (as shown in the diagram below):

    To find bugs

    To ensure that software is fit for purpose

    To give confidence

    To mitigate risk

    To measure quality

    To provide information to stakeholders

    Bugs in software testing plays a vital role in terms of performance because of obvious reasons. It is important for every individual to consider using the right methodology because it helps in fixing errors without affecting the performance from time to time. It is a known fact that a lot of people would prefer to have the work done from professional firm because it helps them to enjoy better services at affordable costs. There are plenty of software development companies, which are working towards a better technology environment because it helps them to offer quality services at reasonable costs.

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