• Xnspy Review: Monitor data in real-time with this cell phone spy app


    Cell phone spy apps have successfully replaced the need for installing cameras, purchasing bugs, or hiring detectives. Spying on someone did not come to buy easy or affordable back in the day. But as technology has made so many things easily accessible, mobile spy apps are within easy reach, making it convenient for users to be in the know of whoever’s a phone they want to keep tabs on.



    If you are looking for a top-rated mobile spy app, you would find plenty of options in the market. But today, we are going to take a detailed look at the Xnspy monitoring app that remotely tracks all the activities of a phone that you can access whenever you want using an online control panel.


    Reasons for Choosing Xnspy Cell Phone Spy App


    There is no shortage of mobile spy apps in the market, but the reason we have selected to go through this app is the ease of use and a wide variety of features. Also, here are some of the main reasons Xnspy cell phone spy app has gotten the position among the top-rated mobile spy apps:


    • Affordable


    The subscription plans of the app are according to the features Xnspy comes with. Although the app offers plenty of advanced spying features, the price remains affordable. There is a Basic and Premium edition. You will have limited functionality of spying features with the Basic edition. On the other hand, Premium Edition is helpful for those with extensive spying needs.


    You can subscribe to monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans. If you compare to the prices of other mobile spy apps, you would find a clear price difference between other top-rated mobile apps and Xnspy. Xnspy’s Basic plan is $4.99/month, and the Premium edition costs $7.49/month.


    • Extensive Features


    Xnspy mobile spy app presents the users with a good choice of features that allow the users to be on top of the digital activities. According to Xnspy user reviews, the features work in real-time. The app offers two subscription plans to the users so the users can select the one according to their spying needs and budgets.


    • Silent Mode


    You could call Xnspy an invisible app as it works hidden in the background of the phone you are monitoring. Since the phone user cannot see the app in the installed app list nor an icon on the home screen, he has no way of knowing that a mobile spy app is working on their phone.


    • Data Tracking in Real-Time


    This feature is noteworthy and not many apps come with this functionality. Xnspy mobile spy app tracks data in real-time. The app tracks and records all the phone activities in real-time so that you can get accurate information about the phone user’s activities.


    • Ease of Installation


    Xnspy is very easy to install on the phone. The process is simple and gets completed in three steps. If you want to spy on an Android phone or an iPhone, Xnspy lets you do both. You would have to physically install the app on the Android device. Whereas, for an iOS device, you just need the iCloud credentials of the phone user.


    You will receive an email after subscribing to the app containing the installation guide, activation code, and login details.

    • Compatibility


    Xnspy mobile spy app seamlessly and smoothly supports Android and iOS devices. Users don’t have to worry about compatibility issues unless it’s a Windows or Blackberry phone as Xnspy does not support these.

    • Responsive Customer Support


    Another reason for Xnspy’s popularity is responsive and efficient customer support. The customer support is available 24/7 that lets you do live chat with the company representative. You have to submit a ticket, and then someone will contact you via email.




    You can efficiently spy on a smartphone with the variety of features Xnspy offers, no matter which device you are using it on. Also, within 24-48 hours of installation, you would see the app bringing in information from the monitored phone to your web account.

    Here are some of its features:


    • Monitor All Messages


    Cell phones are used more for texting than calls. Texting is the popular means of communication, and apart from regular text messages, there are so many messaging apps too. Xnspy lets you view the incoming and outgoing messages with their complete details. You can access text messages, emails, and chat conversations of popular instant messengers, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Skype, Kik, and WhatsApp.
    With Watchlist alerts, you can get automated alerts for certain contact, word, or phrase used in the conversations. You would have to add these words/phrases/contacts to the Watchlist, so the app filters the data, and then gives you the information you want to say on top of.


    • Access Call logs


    Xnspy lets you see all the frequent callers along with a detailed analysis of call history. Xnspy mobile spy app records all of the calls automatically. You can also see the Top 5 callers and the Top 5 call durations. You can view a weekly calling activity punchcard to when the phone user receives or makes most calls.


    • GPS Location Tracking & Geofencing<


    Xnspy GPS location tracking is accurate and works in real-time. The app uses this feature to pinpoint the exact location of the phone. Apart from the current location, you can see the recent location history of the phone too. The geofencing feature lets you form virtual boundaries and get notifications so that you can get alerts whenever the phone users go to that area or leave that particular zone.


    You can add locations to the Watchlist the same way you add words and contacts and get automated alerts.


    • Surround Recording


    Another smart feature of the Xnspy mobile spy app is the ambient/surround recording. The feature lets you remotely turn on the microphone of the phone you are spying on and lets you record for up to 30 minutes. You can send a silent command from the online dashboard that activates the microphone and initiates recording. The minimum time for recording is 30 minutes, and to continue recording, you will have to send another command.


    You can then listen to the recordings from your web account.


    • Access to Email and Multimedia


    You can check emails and multimedia through Xnspy. The app lets you see the multimedia the phone user receives or sends via different messaging apps.


    • App Blocking


    You cannot only view the installed apps on the phone you are monitoring but even block some apps.


    • Monitor Internet Activity


    Xnspy lets you view everything going on the phone. You can view the chat conversations and web browsing history. You can view the Top 10 Most Visited websites and know the kind of content the phone user indulges in on the internet, the groups and communities he has joined, and the kind of people he interacts with.


    • Wi-Fi Logs


    Another feature of the app is that it lets you access the Wi-Fi logs. You can see the name of the Wi-Fi the phone connected to with the time and date. This feature works for Android only, and you will be able to see the recent history of the Wi-Fi connections too.


    • SIM Card Change Alert


    You can set alerts for getting alerts on SIM card change. You would get alerts the moment the phone users switch his SIM card. You will have to turn on the notification setting from the control panel of the app.


    • Live Screenshots


    As said earlier, the app monitors in real-time. You can take live screenshots of any activity that could prove useful to you later on.


    • Keylogger

    Xnspy mobile spy app lets you record the keystrokes on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber on an Android phone.




    Here are some of the benefits of using Xnspy mobile spy app:

    • The app works in 100% silent and invisible and mode.
    • It does not take a toll on the battery or performance of the phone you are monitoring.
    • It is affordably priced.
    • It has a demo version.
    • The feature variety is great
    • It supports offline tracking so, even without an internet connection, Xnspy will record data and upload it to the web account as soon as the phone connects to the internet.



    Having Xnspy at your disposal has its perks, but there are a few drawbacks:

    • You cannot set time limits for screen use.
    • The app is not available for Windows or Blackberry phone.
    • There is no remote camera feature.
    • You can monitor only one device under one license.
    • There is no trial version.



    In a nutshell, Xnspy is best for real-time tracking. With its intuitive interface, simple use, affordability, an abundance of spying features, and 24/7 tech support, it certainly is one of the top-rated mobile spy apps and delivers value for service. Although there are a few limitations, the apps offer pretty much everything on the whole.

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