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    10 Best Mobile App Analytic Tools For Digital Marketers



    Simply making a mobile app isn’t sufficient – you need to make sure that your app sells well. It may be difficult to make a mobile app, but it is far more difficult to market the app well, and to monitor the success of the app. Today, simply number of downloads don’t ensure that your app is being used frequently by everyone. People may download your mobile app and then leave it redundant. That shouldn’t be the case – for a successful app, the users must download the app, and also use it frequently. Only then is the success in building the app. How else can you confirm that your app will draw revenue and be useful to you? No one can help you with the growth of your app other than these analytic tools which will help you analyze your app successfully.

    There are a lot of potential questions that you need to ask yourself after you have built the app – how will you reach out to the people and tell them about this app? How do you know if they have downloaded it? How often does your user run the app? Is the app doing what it was meant to do? Thus all of these questions can be answered by the right mobile analytics apps. Some of the metrics that these apps measure for you are acquisition – which refers to the source of the user, activation – initial experience with your app, retention – how many people stuck to your app and kept using it, referral – how many times people shared positive experience about your app with their friends and family, etc., revenue – the monetary value earned out of this.

    Google Mobile App Analytics

    Free to use, this one is versatile and is available for both iOS and Android. This is easy to learn, and has integration with Google Play –what else do you need? Hear from the expert how good your app is! It helps you to find out the source from which people have come to know about the app, and you can track the usage of the app too. Bonus, you can also calculate the revenue. You could also collect information about older customers who are returning back to your app, and the new users, the countries that they belong to, etc.

    You get reports on how your app is performing, how many times it has crashed, or run out of exceptions and more. You could easily set up goals for your app, and you could check the beta testing also!

    Flurry analytics

    Again free to use, and suitable for Windows, iOS, Android, Java ME and more, this one is extremely detailed. It is slightly confusing for new users. It is capable of monitoring various kinds of data. It can measure the usage in various forms – including the length, session time, frequency, retention, and type of users. It even goes around defining the users, events, tracking the devices, and can filter the data out even.

    Apsalar – ApScience

    Another free platform for both iOS and Android, this gives proper analytics across innumerable apps. It creates several real-time cohorts, graphs and measures engagement over time. It can create a funnel and creates events for easier monitoring. It measures the performance of your app so that you can monitor its progress. This app is growing to be popular and will soon become an important tool in the app world.


    Also another free open source program, this one handles iOS and Android very well. It has a unique positioning, and you can host it up on your own server anytime because it is open source. The cloud version shall also be launched soon! This helps you to create a personalized dashboard, tracks the events out for you, and even funnels everything smoothly so that you can monitor your data efficiently. You could extract information about the users, their loyalty, sessions and frequency, countries and locations and carriers and platforms.


    Completely event-based, this one also comes in a free and premium version. This is also strictly event-based and creates funnels easily for you. It has a seamless user interface and allows you to perform in-depth analysis. Track your events easily; use the cohort analysis option for further knowledge about customer usage.


    This one is free to a certain level, after which it makes you pay.  It works on several platforms again, giving you the flexibility to operate. This is easy to use, versatile in nature; it compares your criteria for you – sessions, users, whatever parameter that you need to measure. It has an unlimited number of apps and access in the free version, and you can get varied data from the free version – some of them include users and sessions, and events and attributes.

    Asking Point

    Suitable for both iOS and Android setup, use this app for analysis –although this is less competent than the other apps, one can use this for knowing the basics of their app performance.


    This is an advanced app for analytical software. Definitely meant for advanced users, this one goes a step forward and measures a lot of parameters. But remember that this is not a service, but a product.

     App Annie

    This one will help you track the users, the number of downloads, the active users, revenues, ranking, and reviews. Extremely efficient, and versatile, this one is for iOS, Android, Google store and more. This app makes it easy by automatically collecting the data for you! Isn’t that easy and convenient to use!


    This app allows you to integrate the data on all platforms, making it stand apart from other analytics apps. You will have to contact them and ask them about the pricing though.

    All of this analytics help you to analyze the application that you have built –this helps you to understand how well your app is doing in the market. You need to constantly monitor your app progress if you need to actively earn the return of investment. These will help you to attain the goals you need to achieve.

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